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Create Outstanding Customer Experiences With 3D Service

In this practical and action-oriented customer service online training programme, business competitiveness expert Andy Hanselman introduces the principles for creating outstanding customer experiences and creating customer delight. Anyone can tell customers to “have a nice day” or give stuff away! The key is to ‘exceed’ expectations and do this consistently.

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Course Overview

Would you like to discover ways to ‘delight’ and create ‘outstanding’ customer experiences that get them to tell others about you, come back for more and spend more?

The challenges facing many businesses today are greater than ever. In most market sectors, there is a massive choice of options and an abundance of suppliers. We live in a world where customer expectations are rapidly increasing, people are questioning much more and consumer trust is harder to win. We are also competing in a connected world where word of mouth (and ‘word of mouse’!) spreads much quicker and easier. The evidence clearly shows that it is the businesses that deliver consistently ‘outstanding’ customer experiences that are the ones that benefit from getting ahead and staying ahead of their competitors.

Course tutor Andy Hanselman will show you how to take a ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different Approach’ to make that happen for your customers. He will share ‘real’ examples of ‘3D Businesses’ who have built enviable reputations for going beyond customer satisfaction to create ‘delighted’ customers. Crucially, you will learn the practical tools, proven techniques and steps necessary to create ‘customer delight’ in your business. Andy will show you how to be ‘easy to buy from and deal with’, how to ensure everyone in your team understands their role in giving customers what they want (and more), how to empower and enable your people to do this – consistently. The result? Increased loyalty, repeat business and frequent recommendations.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this online course on customer service you’ll know:

  • What customers want, including insights into today’s ever-demanding customers
  • What winning ‘3D Businesses’ do when it comes to creating outstanding customer experiences
  • How you and your business ‘measure up’ in the areas that count
  • How to create enviable levels of customer service that ‘wow’ your customers and create real competitive advantages
  • How to Put into practice the 4 key stages of creating outstanding customer experiences
  • How to be ‘easy to buy from and deal with’ to create seamless experiences for your customers
  • How to identify your blockages and barriers to outstanding customer experiences and how to remove them
  • The 6 ingredients of ‘Customer Delight’ and real examples of how customer-focused businesses make them work
  • How you too can ensure you ‘delight’ your customers
  • How to make it a way of life in your business, moving from ‘delighted’ to ‘devoted’ customers by establishing processes to create consistency
  • How to find out what your customers want and think and use this to create opportunities to differentiate your business and build relationships
  • How to spot and deal with ‘disappointed’ customers and ensure they come back for more even when things go wrong
  • How to engage, empower and enable others to do the same in every part of your business
  • The steps you need to take to improve the customer experience so that your business delivers, consistently!
  • How to develop and create your own ‘Outstanding Customer Experiences Plan’ for you and your business
Course Contents

During this customer service online course you will learn how to:

  • Develop a real understanding of what makes today’s customers ‘tick’ – what they want, what they don’t want, why they quit and what this means for your business
  • Create customer focus in everything you do
  • Identify and remove the barriers to achieving great customer service in your business – it’s about ‘standing in your own queues’!
  • Create a seamless customer experience that makes you ‘easy to do business with’ across all channels
  • Understand the 6 ingredients of ‘Customer Delight’ and make them work for you and your customers
  • Ensure everyone is on board for delivering outstanding customer experiences, consistently!
  • Establish processes to help you create consistency through your entire customer journey
  • Spot and deal with customer disappointment through effective feedback processes
  • Develop a plan of action that will help you differentiate your business and get customers talking about your outstanding experiences
Course Instructor Andy Hanselman

Andy Hanselman helps businesses, leaders and teams create competitive advantage by ‘Thinking in 3D’! That means being ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’! He has over 30 years researching, working with, and learning from successful disruptive and forward-thinking entrepreneurial businesses and their leaders and is a recognised expert on business competitiveness.

He has worked with a huge cross-section of businesses and sectors and has worked with businesses as wide-ranging as Tommy Hilfiger, Asda, B Braun, NHS, Universities and colleges, Vigor Enterprises Kuwait, Specsavers, Pallex, Grant Thornton, Jelf, Santander, Travelex, Mobile Mini and Ronseal and thousands of small and medium-sized growing, entrepreneurial businesses.

Course Audience

This online course on customer experiences is for anyone looking to seriously develop their customer service skills and create outstanding customer experiences. You may be an established, experienced manager or team leader responsible for managing a customer-facing team.

You might be someone who deals directly with customers in their day to day role or someone who wants to get into the world of customer service. This course will equip you with the skills to make that happen.

Andy’s principles can be applied across all levels and all types of business. He has worked with people from a variety of sectors, who consistently inform him how relevant the insights are for businesses and their leaders.

Course Duration

Approximately 50 minutes

Payment Options and Discounts

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Additional information

Access Duration: 12 months

Available for immediate enrolment: Yes

Suitable Devices: PC, Tablet & Phone

suitable devices: PC, Tablet & Phone

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