We want to ensure that your experience of using the eLearning Marketplace is as simple and straight forward as possible, and so we have provided you with a selection of answers to questions that you may have. If you are unable to find an answer to your question please do not hesitate to either complete the contact form or phone one of our customer advisors on 0844 854 9218.

When will I receive access to a course I purchase?
Once you have purchased the course you will receive an email confirming your purchase. If you have purchased an online course you will either receive a further email with your course access details within 24 hours. On receipt of your access details you will have instant access to your entire course. If you purchased a downloadable product you will be returned to the download page once your payment has been concluded.

How long will I have access to an online course?
The length of time that you have access to an online course that you have purchased and been enrolled on will depend on the supplier of the e-learning. Details of the duration of your access will be detailed in the course profile.

Will I be able to access support regarding my online course or digital downloaded?
Yes, the eLearning Marketplace customer advisors are available to support you regarding any download or access problems. You will also be able to contact the supplier of the e-learning should you encounter any problems with usage of the resource.

Do I obtain a qualification once I have completed an online course?
This will depend on the course you have enrolled on. Details of whether or not a course leads to a qualification is detailed in the course profile.

How can I pay?
You can pay for your e-learning in a variety of ways: Debit or Credit Card using Sage Pay or Paypal as an automated process when you Checkout on the site. If you prefer to pay by Personal or Business Cheque then contact a customer advisor on 0844 854 9218 to place your order. Payment directly into our bank account please also phone a customer advisor for details.

Does eLearning Marketplace review the quality of resources for sale on the site?
All downloadable products submitted to the eLearning Marketplace are tested for usability and appropriateness. We are not responsible for the quality of the content of any products, or where appropriate, that resources meet qualification requirements. Over time it is hoped that customer reviews will help to inform your purchasing decisions.

What types of files can I upload to the site for sale?
You can upload any file type, but you must provide full details of the specifications required by users to run the files they are purchasing. If you are uploading a zip file you must explain the contents of the zip file and the application required to run the file/s.

What is the maximum file size to upload to the site?
This will depend on your own bandwidth, however large files can be uploaded via our large file upload process. Once your product submission form is sent we will contact you should you not be able to upload your file via the website.

How do I become a seller?
Select Sign Up and enter the details required. Then select Sell an Item from your account and enter the details of your product.  Should your file be too large for direct upload through the site you will be contacted with details of the large file upload process. If your product is an online course to be delivered through your own LMS we will contact you to confirm all the details. If you require your product to be delivered through the eLM Online Learning Centre we will contact you to provide you with access details. The creating of your sellers profile is important to provide customers with the appropriate information to judge whether or not they want to buy your products. Download the Sellers Help Sheet and follow the guidance to maximise your sales opportunities.

Do I have to pay for you to host and market my product/s?
No, the eLearning Marketplace hosts your product/s and markets the site for free. Should you wish your product to appear as a featured product contact a customer advisor who will advise you of the charges for this additional marketing.

How much do sellers earn?

Sellers normally will earn the following revenue:

Product Value Sellers Revenue Commission Payable
£1 to £10.00 70% less VAT 30% plus VAT
Over £10.00 75% less VAT 25% plus VAT

How do sellers receive the money for their sales?
You will receive the revenue from sales of your products monthly by direct transfer to your bank account or Paypal.

How do I find out how many sales I have made?
Login to your account and your seller’s dashboard will be available to you. This dashboard provides you with details of the sales of your products.

If I'm logged into the site as a seller can I also buy products?
No, you must register as a buyer to purchase products with a different username and password.

If an item I am selling needs amending what do I do?
Login into your sellers account and select the product submission form, complete the form with details of the amendments required and select that it is a product amendment. The amendments will be completed within 24 hours. Alternatively, contact a customer advisor on 0844 854 9218 and provide them with the details.

What do I do if I think that my copyrighted materials have been infringed upon?
Contact us immediately and we will take the product down from the site until an investigation has been completed.

How do I delete my account and site registration?
Complete the contact form on the Contact page, giving details of your username and email address and we will delete your account within 3 working days.

In addition to the details of the product I am selling and the uploaded file is there anything else I need to provide?
To ensure that your potential customers get as many details as possible about your product it is advisable to provide a demo of your product. Ideally it should be a screencast, which we can then put on our YouTube channel, which increases the online advertising of your product. If you do not have a screencast you can contact a customer advisor and we may be able to help you. Alternatively you can supply 3 images of your resource.

How do I attract customers to my products?

  • Sellers have found it beneficial to offer a product for free so that customers can see the quality of your work. This could be a shortened version, but still of value, of a more comprehensive product.
  • Ensure you write a comprehensive profile about your organisation, or yourself if you are an individual selling
  • Before pricing a product that has not been offered for sale previously research similar products to ensure that your product is appropriately priced. If a product is too cheap customers may consider there is something wrong or inadequate about it and too expensive and buyers could be put off.
  • Advise us that you would like to market your product as a sale item
  • Purchase Featured Product space on the eLearning Marketplace site by contacting a customer advisor on 0844 854 9218.

How do I edit my profile?
Login to your account and select edit to amend the details of your account.

As a seller how can I contact my buyers?
You are not able to contact your buyers through the eLearning Marketplace. However, if your buyers are enrolling on courses on your LMS then you will be provided with the necessary details to enable the enrolment. As a seller you are required to sign to agree that you will not contact buyers for any other reasons apart from supporting them in completing their purchased online course.

If I receive a poor rating for one of my products can I do anything about it?
Firstly you should consider whether the customer is providing you with honest feedback and a revision to your product is actually required. If you think that the feedback is overly harsh then select reply to the comment on the site and enter your response so that all visitors will see how you have responded.

What do I do if I have a problem with a purchased download?
Contact one of our customer advisors by phoning 0844 854 9218, or by completing the contact form on the website.