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Word 2013 - Tables and References

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The Word 2013 – Tables and References course is part of the MOS exam 77-418 range. You will learn how to create, modify and format Tables using styles. You will also insert Captions, Footnotes/Endnotes, Citations, and create a Bibliography.

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Course Content

Working with Tables

  • Creating Tables
  • Add Quick Tables;
  • Select Tables;
  • Delete Tables;
  • Draw Tables;
  • Convert Text to Tables;
  • Use the Insert Tables box;
  • Arrange Content using Tables;
  • Apply Styles to Tables;

Modifying Tables

  • Convert Tables to Text;
  • Merge Columns and Rows;
  • Split Columns and Rows;
  • Navigate Tables;
  • Move Columns and Rows;
  • Select Cell Content;
  • Enter and Modify Table Data;
  • Select Cells, Rows and Columns;
  • Select and Deselect Tables;

Changing Table Structure

  • Use the AutoFit Feature;
  • Change Column Widths;
  • Change Row Height;
  • Insert Rows and Columns;
  • Remove Rows and Columns;
  • Sort Table Content;
  • Split Tables;
  • Merge Cells in Tables;
  • Split Cells in Tables;

Formatting Tables

  • Change Text Direction in Tables;
  • Align Tables and Table Text;
  • Create and Apply Table Styles;
  • Modify Fonts and Font Attributes;
  • Add Cell Borders and Fill Styles;
  • Change Table Dimensions;
  • Establish Table Titles;
  • Change Cell Margins;
  • Add Table Formulas;

Applying References,Table of Figures and Captions

  • Understand Table of Figures;
  • Create Captions;
  • Create New Labels;
  • Generate a Table of Figures;
  • Navigate with Table of Figures;
  • Setup AutoCaption;
  • Insert AutoCaption Objects;
  • Show and Hide Field Codes;
  • Update a Table of Figures;

Footnotes and Endnotes

  • Understand Footnotes/Endnotes;
  • Use Bookmarks;
  • Insert Footnotes/Endnotes;
  • Read Footnotes/Endnotes;
  • Edit Footnotes/Endnotes;
  • Delete Footnotes/Endnotes;
  • Format Footnotes/Endnotes;
  • Convert Footnotes/Endnotes;
  • Move Footnotes/Endnotes;

Creating a Bibliography

  • Understand Bibliographies;
  • Select Bibliography Styles;
  • Add Citations;
  • Use the Source Manager;
  • Sort Source Lists;
  • Search Source Lists;
  • Use Master Lists;
  • Generate Bibliographies;
  • Select and Update Bibliographies;


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Additional information

Access Duration: 12 months

Accreditation/Endorsements: Continuing Professional Development Accreditation Service (CPD)

Available for immediate enrolment: Yes

Course Duration in Minutes: 120

Level: Professional Development


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