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Care Certificate - Skills for Care & CPD Approved

This online Care Certificate course is mapped to the requirements of the Care Certificate Standards, which are the set of induction training standards that replaced the Common Induction Standards. They are designed for anyone new into care, and should form part of the induction pathway, and can also be used as a refresher for existing health and social care professionals.  This endorsed e-learning covers the knowledge parts of The Care Certificate and a small amount of practical training should be arranged by the employer for their new care worker and workplace assessment of competence undertaken before the final certificate can be issued by the employer.

Key Points

  • Approximately 9 hours in duration
  • Fifteen courses that cover the 15 standards published by Skills for Health, Skills for Care and Health Education England.
  • Knowledge check at the end of each course
  • A Knowledge only certificate is unlocked and available for download when the knowledge check questions have been answered correctly.
  • The courses have been independently checked by the CPD Certification service and meet the required learning outcomes
  • Downloadable assessment templates
  • Interactive and innovative design

See below for further information.

Sold By: My Learning Cloud


This Care Certificate online course contains the following content functionality to help the learner become immersed and to reinforce the learning:

  • HTML5 Video
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Categorising drag and drop – i.e. drag the following images into the category associated with the image.
  • Matching drag and drop – i.e. match the image with a label.
  • An assorted array of “custom pages” i.e. scene exploration and other “gamified” scenarios.

In addition to this the side panel for the course contains information that is always at hand for the user:

  • A help menu
  • Notes – this is where the user can make notes during the course and then download them
  • Legal information
  • A glossary
  • Specific course information
A CPD Certified Online Course

This online course has reached the required Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards and benchmarks, and the learning values have been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality by the CPD Certification Service.

Skills for Care Centre of Excellence for e-Learning

This online course is from a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence for e-Learning. Skills for Care is the employer-led strategic body for workforce development in social care for adults in England. Their Centre of Excellence award is for ‘exemplary practice going above and beyond, constantly evolving to meet the needs of adult social care and being innovative in the delivery to ensure the needs of the learners are met’.


Learning objectives

An Understanding of your Role
  • Work in ways that have been agreed with your employer
  • Understand working relationships in health and social care
  • Working in partnership with others
  • Demonstrate behaviours, attitudes and ways of working that can help improve partnership working

Your personal development

  • Agree a personal development plan
  • Develop your knowledge, skills and understanding

Duty of Care

  • Define “duty of care”
  • Understand support available for addressing dilemmas that may arise about duty of care
  • Deal with comments and complaints

Equality and Diversity

  • Understand the importance of equality and inclusion
  • Work in an inclusive way
  • Access information, advice and support about diversity, equality and inclusion

Work in a Person-Centred Way

  • Understand person centred values
  • Understand working in a person centred way
  • Demonstrate awareness of the individual’s immediate environment and make changes to address factors that may be causing discomfort or distress
  • Make others aware of any actions they may be undertaking that are causing discomfort or distress to individuals
  • Support individuals to minimise pain or discomfort
  • Support the individual to maintain their identity and self-esteem
  • Support the individual using person centred values


  • Understand the importance of effective communication at work
  • Understand how to meet the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of individuals
  • Understand how to promote effective communication
  • Understand the principles and practices relating to confidentiality
  • Use appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Support the use of appropriate communication aids/technologies

Privacy and Dignity

  • Understand the principles that underpin privacy and dignity in care
  • Maintain the privacy and dignity of the individual(s) in their care
  • Demonstrate that the privacy and dignity of the individual is maintained at all times being in line with the person’s individual needs and preferences when providing personal care.
  • Demonstrate that the privacy and dignity of the individual is maintained at all times being in line with the person’s individual needs and preferences when providing personal care.
  • Explain why it is important not to disclose anything about the individual that they may wish to be kept private, unless it is appropriate to do so.
  • Report any concerns they have to the relevant person
  • Support an individual’s right to make choices
  • Support individuals in making choices about their care
  • Understand how to support active participation
  • Support the individual in active participation in their own care

Fluids and Nutrition

  • Understand the principles of hydration, nutrition and food safety
  • Support individuals to have access to fluids in accordance with their plan of care
  • Support individuals to have access to food and nutrition in accordance with their plan of care

Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability

  • Understand the needs and experiences of people with mental health conditions, dementia or learning disabilities
  • Understand the importance of promoting positive health and wellbeing for an individual who may have a mental health condition, dementia or learning disability
  • Understand the adjustments which may be necessary in care delivery relating to an individual who may have a mental health condition, dementia or learning disability
  • Understand the importance of early detection of mental health conditions, dementia and learning disabilities
  • Understand legal frameworks, policy and guidelines relating to mental health conditions, dementia and learning disabilities

Safeguarding Adults

  • Understand the principles of Safeguarding Adults
  • Reduce the likelihood of abuse
  • Respond to suspected or disclosed abuse
  • Protect people from harm and abuse locally and nationally

Safeguarding Children

  • How to identify a child in need of help
  • The signs of abuse to look out for
  • The process to follow if you think a child is being abused

Basic Life Support

  • Provide basic life support

Health and Safety

  • Understand my own responsibilities and the responsibilities of others relating to health and safety in the workplace
  • Understand Risk Assessment
  • Move and assist safely
  • Understand procedures for responding to accidents and sudden illness
  • Understand medication and healthcare tasks
  • Handle hazardous substances
  • Promote fire safety
  • Work securely
  • Manage stress

Infection Prevention and Control

  • Prevent the spread of infection

Handling Information

  • Handling information

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements.

Course assessment and certification

On successful completion of the final assessment a downloadable certificate is immediately available from your Online Training Academy Dashboard

Additional information

Access Duration: 12 months

Accreditation/Endorsements: Continuing Professional Development Accreditation Service (CPD), Skills for Care (SFC)

Audio: Yes

Available for immediate enrolment: Yes

Completion Criteria: Pass Final Test, Visit All Pages

Course Publisher: My Learning Cloud

Language: English

Level: Professional Development

Suitable Devices: PC, Tablet & Phone

Video: No

You will be able to access the course for 12 months.

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Your certificate will be available to download from your Online Training Academy Dashboard.


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