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IOSH Managing Safely

The IOSH Managing Safely training course is perfect for managers, supervisors, directors and other key members of staff. People in those positions are tasked not only to lead by example, but also to consistently remind their team members of how crucial it is to uphold their company’s established health and safety practices, and persuade them to carry out these practices for the great benefit of the organisation they all serve.

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Course Overview

The Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) is an organisation that designs and accredits training courses to equip various industries with tried and true practices, and principles of workplace health and safety.

The IOSH Managing Safely eLearning course is the perfect way for you to gain this highly respected certificate in the comfort of you own home or office. Your course is entirely online which means you don’t have to travel to a training venue. This helps save time and money.

This online course is the EXACT same course as the classroom taught course. As a matter of fact, the certificate you will receive after you pass the course is the same as well.

You will learn at your own pace and around your own schedule. It’s a fast and easy way to take your course.

If you get stuck, don’t worry. You have full tutor support for the duration of the course. This means if you just don’t understand something and could use that little bit of extra coaching, we are there to assist.

Course Content

This course has seven modules which are designed with you in mind. Each module is a nice bite size chunk of information which is easy to consume. At the end of each module is a quiz to help assess what you have just learned. There are plenty of interactions, games and self-assessments to ensure you are on the right track.

The seven modules are;

Introducing Managing Safely

This module reinforces the role of managers in making sure all members of their team understand the significance and uphold the principles of managing safely.

Assessing Risks

Risk assessments and a simple scoring system are introduced in this module, and delegates are given the chance to execute both.

Controlling Risks

This examines how risks can be fully controlled or reduced through specific techniques and methods.

Understanding Your Responsibilities

This module rounds up the demands of the law and how the legal system works in reinforcing a health and safety management system.

Identifying Hazards

This is where all main issues of any operation are tackled – everything from entrances and exits, to work traffic, to fire, to chemicals, electricity, and so much more are discussed.

Investigating Accidents And Incidents

This sheds light on the importance of determining the “path” of workplace accidents, and how to properly go about it.

Measuring Performance

This explains how checking performance contributes to the improvement of health and safety in a work environment through basic performance indicators, auditing, and proactive and reactive measuring.

Course Benefits

The course is not designed to turn people into safety experts. However, all who choose to take it have much to gain in learning why health and safety are integral to what they do as industry professionals, and the benefits of being “informed” can extend to their own personal lives.

By passing this course and having your certificate, you are showing your current or future employer that you are serious about health and safety and have the ability to manage common hazards and risks in the workplace. It will certainly set you out from the crowd if you are looking for new employment or trying for a new position at work.

Safe operations are always more productive. That’s why every enterprise should know the best practices for managing their daily processes safely. To help establish the soundest practices for health and safety in the workplace, IOSH has designed different training courses that business owners and employees can take, and the most appropriate one for such a purpose is the IOSH Managing Safely Training course.

Course Objective

Learn to effectively implement the practical actions in handling health and safety in your teams.

Course Exam

The exam for this course is entirely online and consists of a 30 question multiple choice exam as well as a risk assessment project that you email back to us using the forms that are provided.

The exam process is super easy and you can complete it in the comfort of your own home or office. There isn’t any need to drive to an exam centre. Stay at home and complete it wearing just your shorts if you wish. We don’t mind!

Course Duration

We say it will take about 24 hours of online study to complete. Being that it’s self-directed learning though, it may take longer or even shorter to complete. It’s just a guideline really. If you have to re-visit a particular module several times in order to understand it… it! It’s perfectly fine to go back and make sure you understand. You won’t feel pressured like a classroom taught course. Learn at your own pace and around your own schedule.

You will have six months to complete the course so take as much or as little time as you feel you need.

Course Audience

The IOSH Managing Safely training course is intended for managers, supervisors, directors and other key personnel.  These people are usually tasked not only to lead by example, but also to constantly remind their team members of how crucial it is to uphold their industry’s established health and safety practices and persuade them to carry out these practices for the great benefit of the organisation they all serve.

In smaller operations, it’s the business owners’ job to make sure that they operate within regulatory controls, so they are the ones recommended to take this course. Also, those who are thinking of starting a business can benefit greatly from taking this course as this will help ensure a solid foundation is built when it comes to managing health and safety in the workplace. It’s simply better to get the training early on and create the right culture and process for the business before it blooms; this way, no “un-training” – which normally takes a really long time – needs to be done.

Payment Options and Discounts

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Purchasing Options for your Organisation

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  • User Licence – a licence for a specified user on specified course/s. The user licence consists of a number of enrolments for a user to use on specified courses.
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For more information on purchasing options and discounts please phone a customer advisor on 0844 854 9218.

Additional information

Access Duration: 6 months

Course Duration in Minutes: 6 months

Level: Level 2

Suitable Devices: PC, Tablet & Phone


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