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Home Working Well-Being Online Training Package for Team Members

Up to 50 learners on 10 courses = £320, see below for further pricing

This online course package comes with a free learning management system to enrol staff, track their progress, print certificates and run a range of management tasks.

Keeping a workforce that is home working both physically and mentally healthy helps to ensure that they are engaged in their work, productive and positive.

Whether you are an organisation that has policies and procedures in place for home workers, or you have an immediate situation that has arisen that requires some or all of your staff to work from home, this 10 online course package is for you. It will not only support the health and well-being of your staff working at home, but will also support the productivity and efficiency of your organisation.

For those managing home workers please see Home Working Well Being Online Course Package for Managers.

See below for further information.

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Subscription Package Overview

This package of byte sized learning consists of 10 online courses:

  1. Resilience – bounce back and move on from challenging situations and learn how to be resilient in the face of adversity
  2. Healthy Living – the influence of a healthy diet, exercise and sleep on an individual’s health and well-being;
  3. Mindfulness – improve physical and mental well-being as well as boosting performance at work;
  4. Dealing with Stress – advice on dealing with stress and explores ways in which stress can be reduced;
  5. Positive Thinking – explores the power of positivity in the workplace and how it can be improved;
  6. Experiencing Change – a sudden change in security and freedom can affect the balance between the two, this course explores the change process and separating imagined fear from reality to adapt to change;
  7. Everyday Energy – explores the four key areas of energy, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and looks at how these energy levels can be increased and maintained;
  8. Creativity – explores the importance of creativity in the workplace and how it can be made a top skill;
  9. Display Screen Equipment – provides tips and techniques to ensure that display screen equipment is safely setup;
  10. Introduction to Cyber Security – important guidance for staying safe and secure online.

These courses have been designed to give you the knowledge you need, cutting out the traditional waffle. Each interactive course includes video, downloadable resources and questioning to check understanding.

Any of the above courses can be substituted with any course from a catalogue of over 100 courses covering Business Skills, Health and Safety, Compliance and Personal Development. Please contact us on 0844 854 9218 for a full course listing or to trial the courses.

Course Duration

Each course is designed to be completed within 15 minutes

Subscription Packages

All users can access all 10 Courses:

Up to 50 Users – £320.00

Up to 100 Users – £540.00

Up to 200 Users – £860.00

Up to 300 Users – £1,145.00

For larger subscription packages please contact us on 0844 854 9218.


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