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Holiday Rep Diploma Level 2

Have you ever considered a career working as a holiday rep?
Take the Holiday Rep diploma and start on your first steps to this exciting career.

As a Holiday representative your main priority is to ensure that clients enjoy their holiday and that everything runs as smoothly as possible for them.

As the public face of the tour operator, the holiday representative must create an excellent first impression and continue to provide outstanding customer service to clients throughout the duration of their stay.

The course will cover every aspect of the role so you can stand out in job interviews in this very sought after career.

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Course Content

Module 1: Your Introduction to Becoming a Holiday Rep

  • What your primary role as a holiday representative will be
  • Why professionalism must be maintained for the entire season and not just when you’re on duty
  • The only way to get yourself into a holiday rep position in a luxury resort
  • About a huge mistake that you may already be making on your CV
  • Plus much more…

Module 2: Defining the Career of a Holiday Rep

  • The essential traits tour operators look for in candidates
  • The certifications you are expected to have
  • The type of passport you are best to hold and why it matters
  • The personality traits you need to be successful
  • Plus much more…

Module 3: Exploring the Various Types of Holiday Reps

  • About the different types of holiday rep that there are
  • The importance of team work (especially for montage/de-montage assistants)
  • About the seasonal contracts you can work and crossing over between seasons
  • About the role of the administrator and why you need to liaise with different offices
  • Plus much more…

Module 4: Exploring the Origins and Growth of British Tourism

  • About the very first group of people to travel to Europe
  • How early tourism begun and evolved
  • Why Thomas Cook are revered in travel and tourism
  • How some traditions dating centuries back are still seen in practice today
  • Plus much more…

Module 5: The Components of the Travel and Tourism Industry

  • About the different sectors that complete the travel and tourism industry
  • The different types of tourist companies you could work with
  • About the components that make the industry thrive
  • About integrations when tour operators are merged, or acquired
  • Plus much more…

Module 6: Economical Factors that Affect Your Career

  • About the vulnerabilities of the tourism sector that affect the careers of holiday reps
  • The different types of threats to the tourism industry
  • Global events that affect the tourism sector
  • What the International Health Regulations are, and how it impacts tourists
  • Plus much more…

Module 7: Nailing the Teamwork Element Required to Surpass Expectations

  • The importance of high team morale, and how to gain and sustain it
  • The 10 qualities you need to be an effective team player
  • The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) – used for conflict resolution
  • Bruce Tuckman’s ‘Stages of Group Development’
  • Plus much more…

Module 8: The Standard Duties of Holiday Reps

  • The legislation for health and safety that holiday reps need to ensure all resorts are in compliance with
  • The checks that holiday reps are responsible for
  • Why a holiday rep will always be required to go on excursions, even when a tour guide is provided
  • When you need to organise entertainment for guests, and why it’s crucial to get right
  • Plus much more…

Module 9: Personal Presentation and Protection

  • The different types of uniforms for different types of holiday reps
  • The professional behavior tour operators mandate in each of their employees
  • About the occupational hazards of working outdoors in hot climates
  • How to protect yourself from the sun and heat stroke
  • Plus much more…

Module 10: The Legalities Holiday Reps Need to Know About

  • Why holiday reps need to assist tour operators to comply with the Trade Descriptions Act
  • The steps in place to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act
  • What the legal definition of a package holiday really is
  • What the Denied Boarding Legislation is and why it’s handy to know about it
  • Plus much more…

Module 11: The Holiday Reps Role in Keeping their Guests Safe

  • About the duty of care that all holiday reps must provide customers
  • The different reports that need to be completed in compliance with health and safety guidelines
  • Why fire safety is one of the most important checks a holiday rep will do
  • What you need to include on an excursion risk assessment
  • Plus much more…

Module 12: Effective Handling of Customer Complaints

  • Why good customer relations is paramount for effective customer services
  • Where to obtain factual information to resolve customer disputes
  • How to handle difficult customers
  • Why you need to practice good customer service before resorting to an official customer complaints form
  • Plus much more…

Module 13: Administration Duties

  • About all the different types of reports you need to complete
  • Why the information you provide on your reports must be factual, accurate and presented neatly
  • When you can complete a customer complaint form before a customer actually makes a complaint
  • The reason every report you complete is vital to the tour operator
  • Plus much more…

Module 14: Crushing it with Customer Services

  • Why you can never let the ball drop on customer services
  • How to get into the real mindset of your customer
  • About body language
  • Why every tour operator requires all their holiday reps to excel in communication
  • Plus much more…

Module 15: Creating the Perfect Welcome Meeting

  • What’s involved in the welcome meeting
  • Why you need to do your research as soon as you arrive at the resort you’ll be working at
  • The different elements that must be covered in a welcome meeting
  • How to prepare all the materials you will need to successfully complete the meeting
  • Plus much more…

Module 16: Guide to Selling Excursions

  • How to establish rapport with your guests from the very first time you meet them
  • What to include in your sales presentations
  • The most efficient way to make sales, even if you’re not a salesperson
  • Why an objection is always an opportunity
  • Plus much more…

Module 17: Preparing and Conducting Transfers Successfully

  • The importance of arriving at the airport early for arrival transfers
  • How to conduct a transfer for departures
  • The information you need to provide customers during your speech on both types of transfers
  • The preparation a holiday rep needs to do to ensure the transfers go smoothly
  • Plus much more…

Module 18: Tallying Floats and Converting Currencies

  • Why it’s crucial for you to know how to work with different currencies
  • How frequently currency exchange rates fluctuate
  • What should be done when a tour operators provides a team float
  • How to work out your earnings from sales commissions
  • Plus much more…


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