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Advanced Questioning Techniques - ISM endorsed

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Uncover, clarify and agree the needs and issues you must address if customers and prospects are going to buy! This is essential learning for anyone managing large accounts, high value deals or high potential prospects.

This ISM endorsed online course features:

  • A learning experience that will take you through a series of 6 interactive learning modules featuring interactive learning, challenges, quizzes and a personal record of your work
  • A business simulation that provides you with a wonderful opportunity to test the learning and decide how you will apply it in your personal role. In a virtual environment you will take on the role of a sales person and be provided with business information, customer inputs and support from your line manager, then challenged to make decisions that will test your learning. Once you have completed the simulation you will receive feedback on each decision and a personal score card that covers each of the core learning areas.

As you complete this course you will learn how to ask questions to understand your customers, identify opportunity and agree business needs. This is the foundation for generating business, building customer confidence and developing strong customer relationships.

Advanced Questioning Techniques equips you to uncover, clarify and agree the needs and issues of your customers and prospects. A proven, structured approach will help you:

Explore the opportunities and challenges your customers face, then identify the solution that would best meet their needs.

Establish a consistent method for managing high value, complex sales cycles.

Develop a broad and deep understanding of business needs and drivers, especially where multiple decision-makers are involved.

Build the confidence to elegantly manage conversations from the shop floor to the boardroom.

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Course Overview

Designed by Brett Lyons this course is perfect for anyone who wants to develop, or refresh, the core skills of B2B selling.  After a career in B2B sales Brett has designed and delivered sales training programmes for clients that range from SME’s to major corporates across the financial, IT, capital goods, professional services and manufacturing in Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for people who want to improve their sales performance. Usually established salespeople, account managers, business owners and new business developers who operate in a B2B selling environment take this course.

What will you gain from this course?

The biggest benefit you will get from this course is increased and sustainable sales.

You’ll learn an approach that brings you:

  • Increases in conversion rates
  • Successful new business development
  • Business growth in existing relationships
  • Fewer objections to manage
  • Improved relationships and customer retention
  • A deep understanding of business needs

This powerful approach helps you structure conversations to:

  • Uncover which issues are really important to your customers
  • Identify hidden opportunities
  • Develop an effective personal style that decision-makers will value

What will your organisation gain from this course?

  • Improved profitability and sustainable sales improvement
  • Efficiently managed sales cycles
  • Lower cost of sale
  • A reputation as a ‘go to’ company
  • Motivated salespeople and loyal customers
  • Greater sales opportunities
Course Details
  • 6 interactive modules
  • Advanced Questioning Techniques interactive sales simulation
  • Certificate recognised by the ISM
  • A personal record, a summary of content and personal feedback. This is a great coaching aid once you have completed the course.
  • Flexibility – you can pause and resume at times to suit you
Course Structure

Module 1 – Course Introduction

Find out what this course is all about.

Module 2 – Advanced Questions: The Purpose

What are advanced questions and when should they be used?

Module 3 – The Needs Analysis

Discover the areas in which you should ask questions.

Module 4 – Converting Opportunities into Needs

The four stages of asking advanced questions.

Module 5 – The RAIN Model

A powerful questioning model to uncover real issues and agree customer needs.

Module 6 – Sales Simulation: Advanced Questioning Techniques

Test your new skills in a challenging sales simulation.


Once you have completed the course you will have the chance to practise your new skills with the Advanced Questioning Techniques sales simulation. In this virtual environment, you will play the role of an account manager managing a sales opportunity.

Your challenge will be to plan and implement a meeting with three senior decision makers. The objective is to ask advanced questions to understand their needs and identify other potential opportunities. If you get it right, you will do business! If you don’t, you’ll miss out.

You will face several situations where you must make decisions based on advanced questioning techniques. Naturally, once made, your decisions cannot be changed!

You will see your progress as the story unfolds. When you have finished the simulation, a scorecard will provide you with:

  • Your personal results in key skill areas
  • Specific feedback on each decision you make. This feedback will help you plan how to implement the skills of asking advanced questions in your personal role

The simulation is an enjoyable, interactive experience that ensures you are ready to immediately use your new tactics on your prospects and customers.

Career Path

A move to sales mastery. This is skill you will use to develop an in depth understanding of your customers and manage productive sales meetings with customers from board level to shop floor. This is a challenging skill. Master it and you will accelerate your career giving you the foundation to progress your career into an account management or sales management role.


You can play B2B Appointment Setting using Google Chrome on a Windows platform or Safari if you are using an Apple Mac, tablet or mobile.

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Additional information

Access Duration: 2 months

Available for immediate enrolment: Yes

Level: Certificate

Suitable Devices: PC, Tablet & Phone


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