Why Covid-19 is Influencing Digital Marketing Strategies Infographic

Why Covid-19 is Influencing Digital Marketing Strategies:

  • Less people are using a mobile device whilst commuting to work on public transport
  • Large numbers of home workers have access to a personal device throughout the day
  • 27% increase in global online transactions in October 2020 compared to January 2020
  • 14% of people are making purchases through social media
  • 39% of shoppers have a more environmentally friendly mindset
  • Globally 45% more people are spending longer on messaging services
  • Globally 67% more people are watching news coverage
  • A third of adults are consuming news via YouTube
  • More and more online shoppers are using multiple digital channels to make buying decisions
  • Cross-border global online sales have increased 21% since January 2020
  • Consumers are responding more to direct response and quick purchasing digital ad campaigns








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