Supporting People with Down Syndrome


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This e-learning course, Supporting People with Down Syndrome, is broken down into four easy-to-follow units – an introduction and three study units. It explores what Down Syndrome means to the people who have the condition and includes a series of interviews with Marianne and Lois, who explain how it feels and the impact it has on their lives.

Gaining a better understanding of the condition will help learners to provide people with the help and support they need.

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The objectives for each study unit are that learners will be able to:

  • list the main things that people with Down Syndrome want and need from their support networks
  • identify the skills required to support someone with Down Syndrome effectively
  • describe the impacts of Down Syndrome and the difficulties that can arise
  • recognise when someone is a victim of hate crime and take appropriate steps to prevent it
  • explain how support workers can make things easier for people with Down Syndrome
  • differentiate between fact and fiction in relation to some preconceived ideas about people with Down Syndrome
  • describe what a person-centred approach to support is
  • explain what ‘circles of support’ are and how they can be used to assess a person’s needs
  • list the purpose of time banks and identify how they can be beneficial to many people with Down Syndrome
  • describe how best to help people with Down Syndrome to communicate effectively and make important decisions
  • explain how person-centred planning can benefit people they support
  • identify the purpose of health action plans
  • suggest ways of helping people to integrate and succeed in finding work

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