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B2B Appointment Setting - ISM endorsed

Discover how to get appointments with key prospects.  This is ‘must’ learning for new business developers.

This ISM endorsed online course features:

  • A learning experience that will take you through a series of 6 interactive learning modules featuring interactive learning, challenges, quizzes and a personal record of your work
  • A business simulation that provides you with a wonderful opportunity to test the learning and decide how you will apply it in your personal role. In a virtual environment you will take on the role of a sales person and be provided with business information, customer inputs and support from your line manager, then challenged to make decisions that will test your learning. Once you have completed the simulation you will receive feedback on each decision and a personal score card that covers each of the core learning areas.

The first step in winning new business is to meet with the right people.  In B2B Appointment Setting you will discover practical, easy to implement techniques, to contact prospects, manage gatekeepers and sell the appointment.

You’ll develop the skills and confidence to:

Build a repeatable process to secure high-quality appointments.

Reach decision makers in a way that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Create the curiosity that makes prospects want to meet you.

Convert conversations into meetings, as you persuade prospects that time with you is well-spent.

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Sold By: TLSA International Ltd


Course Overview

This online course is perfect for anyone who wants to develop, or refresh, the core skills of B2B selling.  It is designed for anyone who wants to generate more business and make the most of opportunities in a B2B sales environment.

Usually business owners, new business developers, account managers and sales people take this course, but it is for anyone who wants to succeed in sales. It is particularly beneficial to busy people who want to fit training in around their schedule.

What will you gain from this course?

The most direct result from this course is more high-value appointments in your diary. You will also gain confidence and the ability to position yourself as someone whom people want to do business with.

You’ll take away a proven, structured approach to:

  • Set more high value appointments
  • Identify reasons why a prospect will want to meet you
  • Get past gatekeepers and reach decision makers
  • Manage objections that prospects raise
  • Make the prospect feel that time with you is well-spent
  • The ability to learn at a pace that fits into your busy schedule

What will your company gain from this course?

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Skilled and motivated sales people who will advance faster
  • Better quality appointments
  • Increases in pipeline
  • More sales opportunities
Course Features
  • 7 interactive modules that can be completed as and when it suits you
  • B2B Appointment Setting sales simulation
  • Certificate endorsed by the ISM
  • A personal record, a summary of content and details of your input and answers to tasks and quizzes. A great coaching aid once you have completed the course.
  • Flexibility – you can pause and resume at times to suit you
Course Structure

Module 1 – Course Introduction

Find out what this course is all about.

Module 2 – The Appointment Setting Process

A key activity in developing new business.

Module 3 – The Approach

Discover the appointment setting approach that works for you.

Module 4– Dealing with Gatekeepers

When and how to deal with gatekeepers.

Module 5 – Selling the Appointment

A proven process for selling appointments.

Module 6 – Things that Work.

Try out these 12 techniques to find out what works best for you.

Module 7 – Sales Simulation: B2B Appointment Setting

Test your new skills in a challenging sales simulation.


At the end of the course, you can put your learning into practice with a B2B Appointment Setting sales simulation. In a virtual company, you will become a business development manager who must secure appointments with three different prospects.

You will have to make several irreversible decisions along the way, as you would in reality, and will the consequences of your decisions will define your progress.

When you have finished, you will receive a scorecard that:

  • Details your personal results in key skill areas
  • Provides specific feedback on each decision you make that will help you implement new knowledge and skills into your work
Career Path

Explore how you can use email, social media, the telephone and networking to manage gatekeepers, contact prospects and sell the appointment. If you are going to be involved in developing new business or growing existing customers this is the first skill on your journey to becoming a sales professional. Get the skills to progress your career into an account management or sales management role.

Additional information

Access Duration:


Available for immediate enrolment: Yes

Course Publisher: TLSA International

Level: TLSA International

Suitable Devices: PC, Tablet & Phone

Video: PC, Tablet & Phone

accredited/endorsements: PC, Tablet & Phone


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