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Advanced Communication


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This course comprises seven modules which cover advanced communication skills in customer service:

  • Assertive Skills and Techniques
  • Conflict Skills and Techniques
  • Negotiating Skills and Techniques
  • Negotiating Step by Step
  • What is Assertiveness
  • What is Conflict Management
  • What is Negotiating

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Course Overview:

Assertive Skills and Techniques: Assertiveness Skills and Techniques explores the skills and techniques needed to successfully handle difficult situations and manage the behaviour of others in order to ensure successful outcomes.
Conflict Skills and Techniques: Conflict Skills and Techniques explores the skills and techniques required to successfully handle conflict and how to manage your behaviour to ensure successful outcomes. The selection and demonstration of appropriate skills to diffuse and repair conflict, in order to successfully maintain difficult relationships, is also investigated.
Negotiating Skills and Techniques: Negotiating Skills and Techniques considers the skills, techniques and positive self-image required in a confident negotiator. The selection and demonstration of appropriate skills and techniques and their connection with other skills sets and techniques that influence are also investigated.
Negotiating Step By Step: Negotiating Step by Step investigates the importance of planning your negotiations, the six stages in the negotiation process and the key points, skills and techniques required in order to negotiate successfully.
What is Assertiveness: What is Assertiveness explores the theories and behaviours associated with assertiveness and the effects and consequences of assertive and non-assertive behaviours to enable you to understand your own and others behaviours.
What is Conflict Management: What is Conflict Management explores the origins of conflict and the differences between healthy and destructive conflicts. It also investigates the sources of conflict, and the application of appropriate behaviours and styles of conflict management.
What is Negotiating: What is Negotiating explores the reasons why you will need to negotiate, and the theories, behaviours and practices required to enable successful negotiation to take place. In addition, your aims, objectives and needs in negotiation and the aims, objectives and needs of the other party are also considered.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course you will have covered:

Assertive Skills and Techniques:

  • Become more confident when handling difficult situations
  • Understand how to manage other peoples behaviours

Conflict Skills and Techniques:

  • Feel comfortable handling conflict
  • Know which skills to use to avoid or repair conflict
  • Be able to manage yourself and the situation

Negotiating Skills and Techniques:

  • Learn negotiation skills and when to use them
  • Learn negotiation techniques and when to use them
  • Become a confident negotiator
  • Appreciate other skills and techniques

Negotiating Step By Step:

  • Be able to plan your negotiations
  • Know the six stage process for negotiation
  • Know how to negotiate successfully

What is Assertiveness:

  • Understand what makes a successful working relationship
  • Know the different types of behaviours
  • Know what assertiveness is
  • Know what assertiveness is not
  • Understand your responsibilities
  • Appreciate the importance of perception

What is Conflict Management:

  • Understand what conflict management is
  • Know the different types of conflict
  • Know what causes conflict
  • Understand how to use appropriate styles of conflict management

What is Negotiating:

  • Understand the need for negotiation
  • Know how to successfully negotiate
  • Realise your aims and objectives


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