Our MD is delivering a webinar on Workplace Technologies - Developing Learners’ and Staff Understanding and Responsibilities

This ‘Workplace Technologies – Developing Learners’ and Staff Understanding and Responsibilities’ webinar will explore the technologies commonly used in the workplace; how they benefit business, how learner experience and skills can be developed to embrace them, the policies that govern their use and the impact of positive and negative actions on staff, learners and the employer.

Social media, collaborative communication tools and mobile devices are being used to increase productivity and connectivity in the workplace and this results in a new level of transparency across a business. The number of employees losing their jobs over a lack of understanding of company policies and their online responsibilities when using this technology is increasing.

Training providers have a responsibility to their learners and staff to ensure they have a good understanding of their online responsibilities to ensure sustained employment and also their responsibilities to their employer when working online.

Webinar Objectives

  • Recognise how to develop the knowledge and experience of learners to embrace technology in the workplace
  • Identify inappropriate uses of workplace technology and legal precedence that impacts employment
  • Raise awareness of employers’ policies that govern workplace technology usage and how contract of employment implied terms can impact technology usage

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