Introducing the New Innovation Suite of Online Courses

Innovation Introduction Online Course

We are excited to add the Innovation Suite of online couress to eLearning Marketplace from our publishing partner Think Biscuit Media. Six individual courses dedicated to looking at Innovation.

This suite of online Innovation courses enables the learner to examine what drives innovation, analyse where your business is in an innovation sense, as well as how to deal with barriers to create an effective innovation strategy. The 6 titles include;

  • Introducing Innovation
  • The Innovation Process
  • Encouraging Innovation
  • Delivering Innovation
  • Preparing to Innovate
  • Generating Ideas

Every business is unique and each has differences which sets them apart from their competitors when selling products and services or creating a compelling experience for the customer. However, all businesses do share some common traits. Every business has a purpose or mission, a structure, the requirement to deal with internal and external influences and every business has to embrace change. Innovation in a business context is a way of turning creative ideas into a product, service or process that impacts positively on the profits of the business.

In the past 12 months the largest external influence to impact businesses is COVID-19.  According to McKinsey and Company:

‘prioritising innovation today is the key to unlocking post crisis growth’

In a recent survey undertaken by McKinsey involving more than 200 organisations across various industries, over 90% of executives said they expect the consequence of COVID-19 to change the way they do business over the next few years.  Three quarters of these organisations agreed that the global pandemic will create important opportunities for new growth.  Those businesses that encourage innovation will be more likely to ride the wave of change that is hitting many businesses due to the global pandemic.


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