General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - SME's are you preparing?

general data protection regulation (gdpr)


EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applying in the UK despite Brexit, so UK SME’s need to be ready by 25th May 2018!

Like all EU businesses, at the eLearning Marketplace we are working hard to ensure that we are totally compliant by 25th May. This includes:

  • Training all our staff so that they have a good understanding of GDPR and the impact on our business and customers;
  • Auditing all our data, where it comes from, what we use it for and who if anyone it is shared with;
  • Reviewing our privacy policy to encompass GDPR requirements;
  • Developing additional procedures, or amending existing ones, to ensure that individuals rights under GDPR will be met;
  • Amending consent procedures where necessary.

The European Commission has created an excellent interactive infographic for SMEs, which starts with the definition of ‘Personal Data’, something that seems to be causing confusion amongst many SMEs and a misunderstanding resulting in the worrying statement, ‘GDPR doesn’t apply to us’.


Click on the image below to access the ‘GDPR for SMEs’ infographic

Image published on 1st February 2018

If you are looking for GDPR training for your staff – from an awareness course for all staff to a detailed course for Data Controllers, click GDPR Training to view our selection of online courses.

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