Gamification In E-Learning Market Research Reports Published

How you can use gamification effectively – a few inspiring ideas.

Gamification definition – creating game like experiences in non-game contexts e.g. learning.

Research reports are not something that most of us download to read in full due to the hefty price tag, however it is interesting to read summaries of reports to get an indication of the topics being researched, which is a good indication of what is trending at the moment.

Analytic Market has just published the Gamification in E-Learning market research report. Gamification is rapidly becoming popular as people find that it is effective for engaging online learners, and is why here at eLearning Marketplace customers can benefit from gamification when they use our learning management system.

The article launching the new research recognises that gamification is effective for learning engagement and is also motivational. You can download a sample copy of the report here.

Research and Markets have published their report on ‘Reimagining Healthcare Delivery: Impact of Gamification and Patient Engagement’. The report description tells us ‘Gamification in healthcare supports behavioral change in patient population, encouraging self management and better patient engagement. Gamification has positive effect on patients’ health by promoting adherence to treatment, and increasing motivation to fight diseases’.

if gamification is of interest take a look at our blog ‘Effective Gamification in the Workplace – tips and trends

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