eLearning Marketplace Launches Free Licence Manager App for Employers

eLearning Marketplace has for many years offered all their customers free private use of the Online Training Academy, their Learning Management System (LMS), to track, manage and evidence staff training. Many businesses, charities and educational organisations are benefiting from LMS functionality for free, something that normally comes at a considerable cost, with the added advantage of access to over 1,000 online courses for all their professional development and educational needs.

eLearning Marketplace is delighted to announce the launch of their Licence Manager app offered free to all customers using the Online Training Academy. The combined features of the Licence Manager and Online Training Academy enable customers to:

  • Manage:
    • Allocated course licences
    • Unallocated course licences
    • Licences available for transfer
    • Learners using course licences
    • Private groups
    • Group members
    • Courses in your company catalogue
  • Track:
    • Learners who haven’t started their training
    • Learners’ progress
    • Learners’ achievement
  • Learner communication:
    • Send training reminders to learners
    • Send login detail reminders
  • Request:
    • Courses to be added to your company catalogue
    • Quotes for licences
  • Automation:
    • Invoices for agreed quotes
    • Licences added to your unallocated course licences
    • Learner enrolments
  • Reports:
    • Available licences
    • Learner enrolments
    • Learner progress
    • Learner scores
    • Learner achievement
    • Automate reports to be sent to specific individuals

In addition functionality includes:

  • To help managers ensure their staff are up to date with compliance training and that the business or organisation meets its legal obligations managers can:
    • Run reports on learners compliance status
    • Set compliance dates for compliance renewals
    • Automate learner enrolments to meet compliance requirements
  • Upload evidence of external training or CPD activities to learners training records
  • Create and manage blended learning courses
  • Utilise gamification.

All the above are offered free to customers not only saving them thousands of pounds but also the convenience of access to around 1,500 courses from over 100 e-learning publishers.

Discovery Multi Academy Trust uses the Licence Manager

“As a Manager, I have found huge benefits from using the License Manager that is quick and easy to get quotations, provides the facility to allocate courses whilst keeping track of individuals learning journey alongside so many other attributes that assist in managing learners.

Elearning Marketplace now plays a huge role in the provision for training that will only grow with time as the Academy expands further and would recommend all companies to take advantage of this online training provider.”

Leslie Rust, Facilities & ICT Manager

For further information contact [email protected] or phone 01488 580017.

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