eLearning Marketplace Introduces Flexible Subscription Licensing

eLearning Marketplace Subscriptions

Flexible purchasing options have always been on offer from the eLearning Marketplace, providing customers with cost effective alternatives for buying online training, with a choice of over 2,000 courses. This month they have introduced a flexible subscription licence; a licence for a number of users to access all courses in a publisher’s catalogue, with added flexibility.

The traditional subscription licence offered by many e-learning publishers locks a customer into the use of their courses for the length of the licence, usually one or two years. A negative for a traditional subscription licence is that the amount paid has no bearing on the amount of training that a company actually uses, and evidence has shown that typically an organisation will use between 25% to 50% of the training they have purchased under this type of licence. In addition when the customer has a training need that can’t be met with the licensed publisher’s courses, the customer either doesn’t meet the training requirement or has to source and purchase the additional training from a different publisher.

This month the eLearning Marketplace has introduced a flexible subscription licence for many of their publishers’ courses, providing customers with the option to combine different types of licences in one purchase from different publishers, or to add additional licences during the licence period. Licence details are as follows:

  • Site Licence – a licence to install one course, or one or more bundles of courses on your own learning management system. The site licence consists of a number of enrolments to use on any course for any learner in the bundle.
  • Subscription Licence – a licence for a maximum number of users to access any course in a specified bundle.
  • Bundle Licence – a licence for a specified bundle of courses. The bundle licence consists of a number of enrolments to use on any course for any learner in the bundle.
  • Course Licence – a licence for a specified course for any learner. The course licence consists of a number of enrolments to use on a specified course.
  • User Licence – a licence for a specified user on a specified course.

For more information on the most cost effective licence or combined licence for purchasing online training to meet the needs of your organisation please email [email protected] or phone 0844 854 9218. Our team will discuss your requirements and recommend the most appropriate courses and cost effective licensing options, and will setup free trials from a variety of publishers so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

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