Complete Flexibility in Purchasing Online Course Licences that Meet Your Training Requirements

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Our unique selling point is that we don’t tie you in to one publishers courses, or commit you to a lengthy contract. Recognising that every customer has there own set of requirements, which might change during the year, we have developed our online course offer so that licences can be purchased in a number of different ways:

  • Site Licence – a licence to install one course, or one or more bundles of courses on your own learning management system. The site licence consists of a number of enrolments to use on any course for any learner in the bundle.
  • Bundle Licence – a licence for a specified bundle of courses. The bundle licence consists of a number of enrolments to use on any course for any learner in the bundle.
  • Course Licence – a licence for a specified course for any learner. The course licence consists of a number of  enrolments to use on a specified course.
  • User Licence – a licence for a specified user on a specified course.
  • Subscription Licence – a licence for a maximum number of users to access any course in a specified bundle.

You have the total flexibility to enrol any member of staff on any course that you have chosen, whenever required. We add your purchased licences to your free Licence Manager account and you allocate them as required. You can then top up your licences at any time.

We offer all our business customers free use of a private setup of our Learning Management System (LMS), the Online Training Academy, and our Licence Manager which includes the following functionality:

  • Manage:
    • Allocated course licences
    • Unallocated course licences
    • Licences available for transfer
    • Learners using course licences
    • Private groups
    • Group members
    • Courses in your company catalogue
  • Track:
    • Learners who haven’t started their training
    • Learners’ progress
    • Learners’ achievement
  • Learner communication:
    • Send training reminders to learners
    • Send login detail reminders
  • Request:
    • Courses to be added to your company catalogue
    • Quotes for licences
  • Automate:
    • Invoices for agreed quotes
    • Licences added to your unallocated course licences
    • Learner enrolments
  • Report on:
    • Available licences
    • Learner enrolments
    • Learner progress
    • Learner scores
    • Learner achievement
    • Automate reports to be sent to specific individuals at regular intervals

In addition functionality includes:

  • To help managers ensure their staff are up to date with compliance training and that the business or organisation meets its legal obligations, managers can:
    • Run reports on learners compliance status
    • Set compliance dates for compliance renewals
    • Automate learner enrolments to meet compliance requirements

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