7 Reasons to Invest in eLearning

Guest blog from Kay Buckby MITOL (Member of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning)

One of the things that surprises me is how some organisations remain sceptical about the value of elearning. Elearning is not a consolation prize to traditional classroom training – it can be a highly effective and efficient way to learn, with distinct advantages to both the learner and the organisation.

Here are 7 reasons to consider investing in elearning:

1. Learners can learn at their own speed.

How often do learners confide that they are either bored because of the slowness of others or struggling to grasp a concept that other learners appear to understand?

Well designed elearning means a learner can learn at their own pace, re-do sessions, ask questions to the forum and share knowledge with others.

2. If you have a remote team, learners can learn at a time to suit them.

Most of us work in remote teams now – now there is no excuse to leave anyone out.

Access to electronic files makes scheduling easy, eliminates geographic barriers and therefore knowledge and skills can be updated to suit business needs.

3. You will save money on training costs.

When you consider the investment in face to face training, well designed elearning is the cost effective solution.

4. You can tailor to learner experience.

Elearning can adapt for learner competence, experience and ability making the time spent learning stretching and not repetitive.

5. You will gain analytics to help you develop your people

The metrics on traditional face to face learning and coaching are poorly measured in the main.

Well designed elearning produces metrics that will enable you to assess talent, needs, gaps and additional needs.

6. You will be able to roll out initiatives more quickly

Elearning can cope with large groups more effectively than face to face training.

7. Consistency of message

Even with trainers notes, face to face delivery has a human element. I was part of a roll out of face to face trainers and one trainer “threw in a model” that she thought was useful to one group – bang goes consistency!

Online courses from The Development Company:

Minute Taking Skills: http://www.elearningmarketplace.co.uk/product/minute-taking-skills

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Kay is a qualified trainer and coach. She works mainly with Managers and Leaders to enable them to be the best they can be.

A firm believer that learning should be interactive and non linear, Kay storyboards the elearning developed by The Development Company using the same interactive nature she uses in face to face learning.

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