20% off Mental Health Courses during September

Mental Health Online Courses

Employees are often hesitant to talk about their mental health at work, but poor mental health is costing employers more and more.  Stress alone is believed to be responsible for almost 50% of working days lost in Britain according to the consultancy firm Deloitte.  However, Deloitte’s report noted that for employers investing in mental health there is an average return of £5 for every £1 spent, and so investment is worth it.

Burnout is a term we hear more and more, and technology whilst making us more connected is also a hindrance. Whilst the impact of technology is generally positive, increased use can impact negatively on employees. There is a rise of an ‘always on’ culture and people are struggling to disconnect from work.  Employees are physically present at work but are not working productively. They tend not to take time off when needed and often will work out of hours leading to burnout.

Younger members of staff are particularly vulnerable and will often take holiday days off instead of addressing a mental health issue leaving the problem unresolved.  The BBC notes that less secure ways of working and easy-to-access credit are creating further problems for young people. Younger workers tend to be in more flexible jobs which are often more insecure, and so the mental health of those involved in the gig economy can be particularly vulnerable.

A positive work environment is fundamental to business success. Online training is one way to help offer support to employees and employers.  Learners can complete courses at their own pace and in private, they can also revisit the learning as and when they need. We have a large variety of mental health online courses to help organisations support their employees and during September all our courses will be discounted by 20%.




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