Welcome to Enspark who bring a new range of Soft Skills online courses

We are delighted to announce a new publisher partnership with Enspark who bring with them their range of online soft skills courses designed to help employees, managers and leaders become more effective in their respective roles.

Each course is 30 minutes long and is great value at only £11.95. Discounts are available for 10 or more learners.

Courses include:

Business Email Etiquette – Do you know what your messages say about you? One person’s take on an email can be very different to someone else’s. This useful 30-minute online course provides you with the knowledge you need to use email effectively.

The Impact of Culture: How to Create Culture Change to Get Results – Company culture is often cited as the reason an organisation is not achieving desired results. This online course introduces a three-step process which will help introduce change into an organisation.

Work Life Balance – Do you work to live? Creating a healthy work/life balance should be a priority. Through this online course you will explore your motivation and priorities and discover how you can create a healthy rewarding balance between the activities in your life.

Creating a Code of Conduct – Understanding if certain behaviour is acceptable in a setting can be confusing. This online course takes the learner through the steps required to determine appropriate conduct and be able to navigate tricky ethical situations.

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