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Virtual Communication

In this interactive online course, you will learn how to communicate authentically, effectively and with confidence in virtual environments. You will learn how it is possible to create deep connections, present with confidence and pitch ideas that get buy-in and support without being “in the room”. You will be offered proven strategies, exercises, and action planning sessions to help you make a strong first impression as well as communicate clearly and concisely. You will discover how to engage others virtually, create confidence and master effective virtual communication.

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Course Overview

From virtual meetings to online webinars, the way we are working today requires new skills to be agile and succeed. Virtual communication is not the same as being face-to-face. There are different challenges, and additional skills are required to be effective because people respond differently when they are interacting online. Being able to connect, communicate and persuade effectively online is critical, and it’s a skill that can be both learned and taught.

Many of the worlds leading businesses, like Microsoft, Google, Apple and even the UK government have invested considerable time and resources in up-skilling their people to shine as a virtual communicator. Now you have an opportunity to up your game online, so you can feel confident connecting, communicating and persuading through your digital platforms.

This online course will inspire and empower you to connect, communicate and persuade more effectively using virtual platforms. This programme is very low on theory and packed with tactical tips to help you master this important skill set. You will quickly be putting into practice new insights and transforming the way you feel about being in front of a camera to connect with your colleagues, connections, and customers. You will learn hacks on how to get the most from Zoom / Teams and Google Hang Outs, and you will learn how to make the most of your hardware, software and set up so you feel, look and appear as a consummate professional every time you hit the unmute button.

Learning Objectives

Develop your own personal mastery to communicating online and learn to;

  • Connect with colleagues, connections and customers using virtual tools
    Use the interactive tools provided by Zoom, Microsoft and Google effectively to create better engagement with your audience
  • Use third party software and platform to bring greater engagement from your audience
  • Understand the difference between face to face and virtual communication so you can utilise the advantages and minimise the barriers of the virtual world
  • Utilise the most effective questioning techniques online to develop better 2-way conversations
  • Understand how personality impacts the virtual environment
  • Use the most of your own personal strengths to be a better connector
  • Adapt your communications to suit the audience involved
  • Create engaging interactive experiences that are fully inclusive for all
  • Design and deliver powerful interactive virtual meetings, presentation and pitches
  • Use the 4 Golden Questions to ensure your sessions always have purpose and action
  • Ensure everyone is prepared and propelled into action by using the 3 Steps to active meeting design
  • Master your technical set up, so you look, sound and feel the best you can
    Present powerfully to keep your audiences engaged
  • Borrow tips from the worlds greatest storytellers to bring your sessions to life
  • Use the structure of great stories to add dramatic tension
  • Structure your stories and presentations so that everyone remembers what you have said
  • Create exceptional clarity around your language and your visuals
  • Master using your voice effectively through your microphone
  • Master the art of pitching virtually
  • Use the principles of persuasion to underpin everything you do
  • Build an agreement staircase to lead to more yes and agreement for your audiences
  • Ensure you make the most of inclusive pitch teams to sell bigger and brighter ideas
  • Welcome questions and engage with your audience positively
  • Use tips from the world of improv to ensure that even when things go wrong – you end up OK
Course Contents

During this Virtual Communication online course you will work through the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • Actionable Insight
  • Using Virtual Tools to Connect
  • The Virtual Difference
  • Engaging Questions
  • Understanding Personality
  • Adapting to Different Styles
Course Instructor Gavin Presman

Over the last 20 years Gavin Presman has coached and trained sales teams at some of the worlds leading commercial teams at leading media and technology businesses, including Microsoft, Guardian Media Group and Twitter, and creative business, including Global Radio, Bauer and We Are Social.

Over the past 5 years, he has been developing sales teams to use the Inspiring Challenger Sale, a methodology that is proven to be more effective than any other in times of economic downturn.

He has written 2 best-selling books on Sales and Negotiation and regularly delivers negotiation and influence training across the world, through Inspire, Cultivate, Lumina Learning and DOOR International.

Course Audience

This online course is designed or anyone who needs to communicate virtually to influence. When you can no longer meet colleagues, connections and customers face to face, a new suite of skills require mastery and this course will enable you to master those skills. This course will help you whether you need to bring teams together, improve collaboration in your organisation, sell yourself, your ideas or your services, or sell products to customers through virtual meetings.

Whatever your level of technical or business experience you may have found that since some people just seem just more comfortable and convincing in virtual environments. This course will get to the heart of this confidence and will provide you with all you need to thrive as a virtual communicator.

Whatever your experience in communicating in face-to-face or virtual environments, this course will present proven and powerful strategies to build your confidence in designing, presenting and maximising opportunities from virtual meetings.

Course Duration

1 hour and 30 minutes

Payment Options and Discounts

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