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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Returning to Work Safely

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As the lockdown rules start to ease, it is important to ensure the health and safety of employees who are returning to work after the COVID-19 lockdown. This video and accompanying documentation highlight the actions needed to reduce the risk to employees returning to work following the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Course Overview

In order to sustain a busisness many employees will be required to return to the workplace after the lockdown caused by COVID-19.  In order for employees to return to work employers need to consider managing risk and work towards ensuring a safe working environment.  Each business will be different, this guide will highlight what you will need to consider in order to get your employees back to work following COVID-19.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this Return to Work COVID-19 online guide you will have learned about:

  • Avoiding return to work if possible
  • How to reduce the risk of Covid-19 to returning employees
  • Sharing the risk assessment and displaying Covid-19 poster
  • How to implement social distancing in the workplace
  • Additional cleaning requirements
  • Hand hygiene
Course Audience

All employers

Course Duration

20 minutes

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