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Modern Slavery - CPD Approved

This online course will help your workforce understand how to spot and report signs of modern slavery so your organisation can be fulfilling a positive role in preventing this illegal and morally unacceptable practice.

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You may have thought that slavery was something you only saw in the history books. But sadly that’s far from the truth. Slavery is still found in every country around the world – including the UK.

Every large company has a responsibility to publish a statement about what it is doing to prevent modern slavery in it’s business and supply chain. This means that any small organisation supplying larger ones and government organisations is likely to have to do the same to maintain it’s business.

Forming a part of our range of compliance courses, this modern slavery eLearning course will help your workforce understand how to identify and report the signs, be business compliant and fulfil a positive role in preventing modern slavery.

There are downloadable resources linked within this course, with a multiple choice assessment to complete at the end with an 80% pass mark.

Learning objectives

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how big the problem is
  • Explain what is the 2015 Modern Slavery act
  • Identify everyone’s responsibilities under the act
  • Define modern slavery
  • Know how to spot it and how to report it

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements

Course assessment and certification

On successful completion of the final assessment a downloadable certificate is immediately available from your Online Training Academy Dashboard.

Additional information

Access Duration: 12 months

Accreditation/Endorsements: Continuing Professional Development Accreditation Service (CPD)

Audio: Yes

Available for immediate enrolment: Yes

Completion Criteria: Pass Final Test, Visit All Pages

Course Duration in Minutes: 15

Course Publisher: Kallidus

Language: English, Google Translate

Level: Professional Development

Suitable Devices: PC, Tablet & Phone

Video: Yes


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£20.00 excluding VAT

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