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India Cultural Awareness Course

This online course provides insights and direction for business professionals working with Indian peers. By taking the course, learners will gain the skills and understanding to successfully navigate the key cultural challenges commonly faced by individuals working with Indians. The course will also equip learners with the ability to build positive, trusting relationships and to maximise their business outcomes.

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Course Contents

This unique India Cultural Awareness online training course is made up of 8 chapters focusing on specific aspects of Indian culture, the people and their approach to work and business.

Chapter 1: Overview

Framing the course content, and benefits, to foreigners working with Indians.

Chapter 2: Religion

Uncovering key influences behind the Indian world view and the way belief systems shape the culture.

Chapter 3: Diversity

Learning about the cultural and ethnic diversity that exists within modern India.

Chapter 4: Values

Understanding core Indian values and their impact on the Indian way of life.

Chapter 5: Communication Style

Exploring the Indian approach to sharing information, giving opinions and managing disagreements, coupled with essential communication guidance for foreigners.

Chapter 6: Business Culture

Covering critical aspects of Indian business culture, such as relationship building, dealing with conflict, agreeing outcomes, negotiations and meetings.

Chapter 7: Etiquette & Taboos

Appreciating common taboos and etiquette to ensure foreigners don’t cause unnecessary offence or upset.

Chapter 8: Stereotyping

Affirming that when working with anyone from Indian, it is important not to draw upon stereotypes.

Course Audience

This course is suitable for learners of all levels.

It has been produced with a professional audience in mind, whether from the private sector, government or NGO.

The course addresses many of the common cultural challenges faced by foreigners working with Indians, whether clients, colleagues, suppliers or anyone else.

Learning objectives

In this online course, you’ll gain essential direction and guidance relating to Indian culture to help you maximise your business performance and drive the best possible outcomes:

You will:

  • Develop a detailed understanding of Indian business culture.
  • Understand the influence of Indian culture on the Indian communication style.
  • Gain strategies to ensure your communication approach facilitates the best possible outcomes.
  • Understand how to build trusting relationships that help motivate positive results.
  • Examine business critical areas such as decision making, negotiation and sales and gain an appreciation of how to approach these practices effectively.

Course assessment and certification

Assessment is carried out during the course.

You will be asked multiple choice questions as well as questions based around case studies and workplace scenarios.

With a pass mark of 85%, the answers are marked automatically so you know instantly whether you have passed. If you don’t pass, then not to worry! You can take the test as many times as you need and there’s no extra charge.

A downloadable certificate is available on completion of the course.

Additional information

Available for immediate enrolment: Yes

Course Duration in Minutes: 45

Suitable Devices: PC, Tablet & Phone


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