Off-the-Shelf e-Learning now Meets Employer Needs

In the last 3 to 5 years e-learning has come a long way and there are now many exciting courses that in their delivery of learning and self-assessment include such things as video and animation, which really bring e-learning to life, but all this does come at a cost. It has been quoted that for a full instructional design and development process every hour of e-learning is likely to cost you upwards of £5,000.

So if you are an employer or individual looking to take advantage of the flexibility and time saving features of online learning then a cost effective option is to buy off the shelf products. It was not long ago that the breadth of ready made e-learning fell short of requirements, but the eLearning Marketplace is demonstrating that this is not now the case.

The infographic below takes a look at what it takes to create effective e-learning.

What Does It Take To Create Effective e-Learning - Infographic

Leanforward – an eLearning Company

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