The Care Bill: a Major Shake-up of the Health and Social Care System

Guest blog by Mike Burke of Embrace Learning

The Care Bill aims to simplify and improve on existing legislation for carers. Its introduction represents a major shake-up of the health and social care system and has massive implications for formal and informal care providers alike.

There are some key changes that organisations and individuals will need to get to grips with and I would suggest they start that process right now. There is no question there are new and improved rights for carers included in the Bill and there will be a cap on costs to services users. Perhaps one of the most significant shifts in terms of the focus of resources will be the emphasis on ‘Wellbeing’ with a lot more resources devoted to early and brief interventions with a broader focus on the person’s wider physical and mental health rather than treating specific symptoms.

There is, of course, nothing new in these ideas, but to enshrine these principles in legislation is very much a step in the right direction.  This approach goes hand in hand with the personalised services which have already had a terrific impact on the lives of care givers and recipients of care. The systemic changes that need to take place will of course lead to behavioural changes at all levels of the various health and social care systems and where there is a need for behavioural change there is inevitably a need for learning.

E-learning is increasing seen as part of an integrated or ‘blended’ approach to learning in the workplace. We’ve reached a point now where e-learning is so embedded in training that there is no need to keep reminding ourselves of the benefits or indeed short-comings of this approach. It is useful however, to remind ourselves of the opportunity that is now presented by the shake-up of the health and social care sector, for joint working across those two professional and organisational systems. If we want behavioural change across professional boundaries that encourage joint working, I can’t think of a better medium to achieve this than e-learning. In terms of cost, consistent standards of delivery and sharing a common language of health and social care e-learning must certainly play a pivotal role.

Elearning Marketplace already provides a range of health and social care courses for formal and informal carers. We at embrace-learning are working with a national charity, Carers UK, to develop e-learning courses for a variety of audiences that will be directly affected by the measures to be enacted through the Care Bill. These new resources will be made available via Elearning Marketplace from May 2014. Watch this space.

Take a look HERE at our e-learning available for the health and social care sector.  Businesses can buy credits and ofset any course against their credits, with significant discounts available.

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