Continuing Professional Development Plan CPD cycleor Personal Development Plan? The only difference is that a personal plan will include development that does not specifically relate to your career.

The purpose of a Continuing Professional Development Plan is to identify and record the learning and development you plan to undertake to be effective in your career. This could be to improve and develop your performance in your current role or to enable you to move into a new role. Ideally the CPD plan should be completed as the outcome of discussions during an appraisal or following completion of a Training Needs Analysis. It can also be used as a personal plan when you are seeking employment or to change career.

Once you have identified and recorded your planned development activities you should set a date for completing each activity. To keep you on track you should also set a date to review your progress. This review might by you reflecting on how your are getting on or a discussion with your manager. At a review with your manager you can highlight any barriers that might be preventing you from completing activities by the target date, and address any support requirements.

As you complete each development activity it is a valuable exercise to record and review the outcomes of the activity, to reflect on what you have learnt, what went well and not so well, and to identify any further development requirements. Take a look at the Continuing Professional Development Record and e-Portfolio page to find out more.

The CPD Plan below can be completed digitally if you have the Adobe Reader browser plugin installed, and then saved and printed, or alternatively you can download the resource, complete it in Adobe Reader or print it out for completing by hand.

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