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This course bundle consists of three courses to support team leaders, supervisors and managers in their skill of influencing their workforce. Seal the Deal offers tips to improve your bargaining confidence and competence. Sway this Way helps you bring one or more people around to your way of thinking and Tug of War helps you overcome resistance to change.

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Course Content

This course consists of three modules will help support team leaders, supervisors and managers increase their skills of influence in various situations.

Module 1 – Seal the Deal

In this module you will pick up tips to improve your bargaining confidence and competence.  The module will help you:

  • Explain how to value assets realistically
  • Describe how to find trade-offs when bargaining
  • Identify your ideal outcome when bargaining
  • Explain the effect of power balance when bargaining
  • Explain how to manage commitment to the deal

Module 2 – Sway this Way

This module supports you in bringing one or more people around to your way of thinking.  Learn how to do the ground work and pick your moment.  The module will help you:

  • Explain why being a good influencer is a positive skill (WHY)
  • Define your goal and negotiating range (WHAT)
  • Identify the optimum time to use influencing skills (WHEN)
  • Describe the environment in which influencing skills will be most effective (WHERE)
  • Practise five core influencing skills (HOW)

Module 3 – Tug of War

‘Some people will never change’ but don’t feel defeated.  Where there’s change there will always be resistance.  This module will help you:

  • Describe the benefits of overcoming resistance to change
  • Identify those who are most likely to be resistant to change
  • Explain how to manage the expectations of change
  • Explain why vision is important when managing change
  • Explain how strategy influences successful change management


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