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Whistleblowing: When Should You Act?

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This e-learning course will help you speak up about significant concerns at work. All organisations have a duty to act within the law and ensure they uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity. But, when there are lapses, it is the people on the front line who need to stand up and be counted if they come across wrongdoings.

Let’s start with a quote from the leading charity, Public Concern at Work:
“As we know from news headlines we all read every day, in our care homes and hospitals, public transport systems and factories, schools, banks and even in Parliament, too often the questions are asked after the damage has been done…we still face the risk of a culture of silence…Whistleblowers are a vital safety net in our society and can prevent and detect damage and disaster. We all need to listen to them.” Source: Public Concern at Work and the University of Greenwich, Whistleblowing: the inside story – a study of the experiences of 1,000 whistleblowers, May 2013.

This short course will give you all you need to have the confidence to speak up about serious concerns at work.

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‘Whistleblowing: When Should You Act?’ delivers a simple Toolkit that will help you understand and use the protection of the law if you need to. The course is based on a professional and structured approach to ensure this serious topic is properly understood, and should take around an hour to complete.

Your e-learning course will enable you to:

Apply the A.C.T. Toolkit that covers Awareness, Considerations and taking Action – so that you can play a key role in ensuring all organizations in all sectors, behave in a law abiding and ethical manner. The A.C.T. Toolkit covers the following areas:


A.1. Find out what your employer says about whistleblowing.

A.2. Assess the extent to which an honest and open Risk Culture is in place.


C.1. Think about the threats posed by your investigation.

C.2. Get help, advice and trustworthy support.


T.1. Make a plan to ensure you have got enough reliable evidence.

T.2. Report your concerns.

 Who should use the Toolkit?

Whistleblowing: When Should You Act? – is a short stand-alone course that be useful for:

  • All frontline employees.
  • Support teams.
  • Managers and supervisors.
  • Anyone who needs to know more about raising concerns at their workplace.

Your new course applies to all business sectors; public, private and not-for-profit organizations – globally.  In particular staff working for the NHS will find this course useful.

The Key Features

This on-line course has many features to ensure you get the most from your investment in time and effort:

  • Interactive e-learning sessions.
  • Case studies.
  • An audio accompaniment.
  • Many interactive Exercises.
  • Detailed scrollable text boxes containing further information.
  • Several practical examples.
  • Important quotations and references.
  • Up-to-date guidance based around the Public Interest Disclosures Act and US laws.
  • Short video clips.
  • End of course test.

Your Toolkit has been prepared by an experienced training consultant, who has written several books on governance, fraud, investigations, auditing, risk management, and related topics. The course has been designed in Lectora Inspire, which is a professional e-learning authoring tool.


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