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Water, Chemistry and Boiler Water Treatment


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Water treatment is a key aspect of boiler operation that is often poorly understood by many owners/operators. This online course is designed to meet the training needs of low-medium pressure boiler installations and serve as an invaluable resource for those plants who wish to train staff but do not necessarily want to achieve full operator certification. It is nevertheless an appropriate resource for those studying towards the UK BOAS qualifications or, for those requiring refresher training.

A companion, standalone assessment module containing a bank of randomised, scored questions may be used for formal competency assessment and to provide evidence of training.

See below for further information.

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Course Overview

Modern, high-performance boilers are less tolerant of scale and corrosion than many older boilers and a poorly implemented water treatment program may contribute to high maintenance overhead, unstable operation, product contamination and dramatically reduced energy-efficiency. Although an in-depth knowledge of water chemistry is not a prerequisite for boiler operation, a fundamental understanding of the nature of the impurities in water and the methods used to treat them are essential prerequisites to implementing a successful boiler water treatment program. This course module provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of all of the commonly used technologies as well as a detailed overview of the internal feedwater treatment programs employed on most low to medium pressure packaged boilers. It is written by a “non-chemist” for “non-chemists” and the various concepts are explained in easily understood terms with only minimal reference to chemical equations.

The training is self-paced and self-directed. Users are not constrained to a defined path and may view the content on a page-by-page basis or randomly. A global menu provides instant, one-click access to any topic in the course which may serve equally well as a training or reference resource.

This course module (lesson) has four learning sections and one practice assessment. They are:

Basic Water Chemistry:

  • The nature of the impurities in water
  • What are dissolved and suspended solids?
  • What are dissolved gases?
  • What are mineral salts?
  • What is hardness?

Primary Water Treatment:

  • Coagulation and flocculation
  • Sedimentation and clarification
  • Filtration

Secondary Water Treatment:

  • Sodium Zeolite softening (sometimes called Base Exchange or Ion Exchange softening)
  • Ion Exchange demineralisation (2 and 3-bed with degassification)
  • Reverse Osmosis.

Boiler Water Treatment:

  • pH and Alkalinity
  • Scale and deposit prevention
  • Corrosion prevention
  • TDS Control
  • Boiler storage
  • Water sampling and analysis
  • Chemical dosing
  • Safety with chemicals

Practice Assessment

A bank of 50-questions with a variety of question types providing dynamic feedback for incorrect or partially correct answers. The practice assessment is not scored or monitored. Formal competency assessment may be performed using the companion, standalone assessment module which is a free download. On completion, student achievement is reported to the LMS.

Compatible with all commonly used Java enabled browsers including MS Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IPad and Android. Minimum horizontal screen resolution of 600 pixels required, 1024 x 768 or higher preferred


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