The Energy and Nervous Systems of the Human Body


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In this course, you will gain an understanding of energy production, including how energy is supplied from food and converted within the body, the three different energy systems and how they are used during exercise and activities. In addition, it covers the nervous system, nerve cell structure, and how electrical impulses lead to muscle contractions and allow us to train to improve motor fitness.

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Course Objectives

Once you complete this course you will be able to:

Energy systems:

  • Describe how energy is supplied by food
  • Describe how food is converted to energy for muscular contraction
  • Understand ATP as the energy currency
  • Describe the 3 different systems for ATP production
  • Understand how the systems interact with different activities
  • Describe anaerobic activity and recovery time

Nervous systems:

  • Describe role and functions of nervous systems
  • Different types and structure of a nerve cell
  • Describe principles of information conduction between neurons and muscle contraction
  • Understand the all or none law and muscle contractions
  • Describe neuromuscular connections and improving motor fitness

Energy and nervous systems online course


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