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'The Difference is You' - Equality and Diversity Online Course

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This online course, narrated by Craig Charles, helps to avoid pitfalls around equality and diversity issues and in particular provides guidance on the Equality Act 2010’s ‘protected characteristics’, and their requirements and obligations.

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Course Content

This online course is in two parts:

Part 1 ‘Understanding Diversity’ examines in depth the 3 key principles of equality – Difference, Respect and Fairness (the central principle of the Equality Act 2010).

Part 2 ‘Applying Diversity’ examines the various drivers that compel us to adopt diversity and looks at the social case, the legal case and the business case for so doing.  The Equality Act 2010 is examined and the protected characteristics explained together with the various different forms of discrimination that can occur

Craig Charles (of Red Dwarf and Coronation Street fame) introduces and narrates this programme in his own inimitable style.

Who is this course suitable for?

This online course applies to all who may be affected by the Equality Act and is applicable to anyone regardless of their rank or role.  We read daily of organisations, businesses and individuals who have been prosecuted under the Act and subjected to massive compensation claims. By following the principles in this course, many of those and similar claims could be avoided.

Non UK/International organisations who employ staff and/or provide services in the UK and in doing so must comply with UK Law, would also benefit from this course so that discrimination and potential penalties are avoided.


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