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This eBook contains eight buzz session activities to run with your team members. They have been designed to help you as a manager focus on four of the key elements of any great team and their leadership.

These are:

1. Teamwork – Your role in your team
2. Communication – Celebrating success
3. Coaching – Sharing skills
4. Leadership – Moving forward together

They have been designed by training professionals who have a wealth of experience in creating learning materials that are both easy to use and that make a real difference to learners.

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All of the sessions have been designed to give you as a leader a kick start in building an even more successful team. They very much focus on the role each individual plays in the building of a great team. They mix traditional classroom style learning with interactive activities and give learners an immediate opportunity to decide what they’re going to do differently.

Each Session

Each buzz session takes up to an hour to complete.

Each of the sessions are categorised under one of the four headings of Teamwork, Communication, Coaching & Leadership. Each topic has its’ own overall aims and objectives, as well as specific outcomes from each of the sessions themselves as outlined below.

Session Outlines

Your Role in Your Team

Like any team, success comes through its’ team members. Particularly important is using the knowledge and strengths of individuals to their greatest effect. That’s why it’s key that team members all work together to become stronger and support one another in achieving a common goal and growing into a balanced and successful team.
The Buzz sessions in this section focus on the importance of each team members’ individual contributions, what the key components of an ideal team are and the importance of working together as a group to make sure you have a balanced team.

The Goal of this session:

  • Understand more about team dynamics
  • Where they fit in their own team and
  • How team dynamics can be influenced using the strengths and skills of team members.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciating the different roles within a team.
  • The importance of your role within your team.
  • How your role changes depending on the circumstances.

Celebrating Success

Leaders who effectively search for the good in others and recognise it, find that they create more highly motivated and loyal followers, teams, departments and organisations. Experience has shown that people love positive leaders and want to do everything that they can to please them.

As individuals, we find it far easier to be critical of ourselves and our surroundings, than we do to recognise and praise what we do well. And this goes for you too in your leadership role.

Within any team or environment, people are doing great things. Some might be doing the same thing in a way that achieves greater results, however this should not detract from the great work someone else is doing.
In this session we’re going to focus on how we can celebrate success and give and receive praise more readily.

The Goal of this session

To understand more about:

  • How recognition and praise supports in the building of great teams
  • How regular praise and recognition of your own successes as well as those of your team helps boost morale and builds confidence
  • The importance of setting self-measuring standards and how it’s okay to receive differing results but still warrant equal praise.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to recognise and acknowledge your own success.
  • Noticing and acknowledging the successes of others.

Sharing Skills

The benefits of experienced work colleagues sharing their skills and expertise with fellow staff members is well documented. It makes increasing sense for leaders to make a concerted effort to ensure their employees have the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with their peers. By working together in this way will ensure that your team becomes stronger and team members are better able to support one another in achieving a common goal.
Each individual has a responsibility for the success of their team. Their ability to share their knowledge and skills helps in the wider development of their team, whilst at the same time building individual capabilities. In your leadership role you need to work together with your team to make sure that everyone has the relevant knowledge and skills to carry out their role and are able to achieve the goals of the business.

How can you do this? By knowing and then facilitating the sharing of these strengths amongst your wider team.

The Goal of this session

Allow you to:

  • Recognise your own expertise.
  • The importance of sharing knowledge and expertise to build the capability of your team.
  • Understand how keeping knowledge and skills contained to an individual, weakens the overall ability of the team.
  • How coaching others in what you or your colleagues do well, provides strength across the team.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the importance of identifying strengths within your team and how sharing those strengths builds capability.

Moving Forward Together

Like any team, you are only as strong as your constituent parts. The strongest teams have every team member working to the best of their capability, whatever that level of capability is. They all work towards a common goal, making sure that everything they do is useful and moves them closer to that goal.

This session is going to look at how each of your team need to take on a leadership role of their own and how taking responsibility to lead yourself helps the team move towards a common goal.

The Goal of this session

For you to understand:

  • How individuals have a role to play in leadership and how this helps the team move towards a common goal.

Learning Outcome

  • Know how you can adopt self-leadership skills that will move yourself and your team towards a common goal.

The sessions can be ran in any order and whilst the sessions have been written with a script type approach, there is no need to follow the script to the letter. The content has been designed in this way to give you as the facilitator support and guidance in running the activity, but feel free to adapt to your own style.


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