Supporting People with Diabetes Mellitus


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This e-learning course, Supporting People with Diabetes Mellitus, is broken down into three easy-to-follow units – an introduction and two study units. It aims to raise awareness about diabetes types one and two, the symptoms, causes and the treatments available.

The course will help learners to understand the implications of having the condition and therefore enable them to provide the people in their care with the support and guidance they need.

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The objectives for each study unit are that learners will be able to:

  • explain what diabetes is and differentiate between types one and two
  • list some of the causes of diabetes as well as common symptoms
  • describe in broad terms how our bodies should produce insulin and what purpose it serves
  • identify some of the treatments available for both types of diabetes
  • explain how they could support someone with diabetes to eat and live more healthily
  • understand what is meant by a normal blood sugar level
  • explain the importance of monitoring and balancing blood sugar levels in diabetics
  • identify ways of supporting people who experience complications such as hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia
  • describe the short- and long-term health risks to which diabetics are more susceptible
  • suggest ways of helping people reduce their chances of developing serious health problems

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