Successful Leadership for Your Team


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This CPD course is about your leadership responsibilities to direct, motivate and support your colleagues to achieve both team and personal work objectives. It also includes difficulties and challenges, as well as creativity and innovation within teams.

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  • Different ways of communicating effectively with members of a team
  • How to set objectives which are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound)
  • How to plan the achievement of team objectives and the importance of involving team members in this process
  • The importance of being able to show team members how personal work objectives contribute to achievement of team objectives
  • Know and understand that different styles of leadership exist
  • How to select and successfully apply a limited range of different methods of motivating, supporting and encouraging team members — and of recognising their achievements
  • Types of difficulties and challenges that may arise, including conflict, diversity and inclusion issues within the team, and ways of identifying and overcoming them
  • The importance of encouraging others to take the lead and ways in which this can be achieved
  • The benefits of encouraging and recognising creativity and innovation within a team

On completion you will receive a certificate of completion with details of the course title, topics/skills covered and hours undertaken to complete the course.


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