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Software Testing Intermediate


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This accredited BCS Intermediate certificate in software testing is a fully interactive multimedia based course.

The certificate is the next level of competency in software testing after the Foundation level and covers everything required by the BCS syllabus, with the emphasis on helping delegates to understand, remember and apply knowledge and applicable skills.

Achieving a pass in this certificate provides evidence that the candidate has proven analytical ability, having gained knowledge and practical skills in the key topics required for practising software testing.


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Course Overview

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Fundamentals of Testing

  • 2.1. Why is testing necessary?
  • 2.2. What is testing?
  • 2.3. General testing principles
  • 2.4. Application domains
  • 2.5. Expected results
  • 2.6. Exit, Completion, Closure or Acceptance criteria
  • 2.7. Fundamental test process
  • 2.8. The Psychology of Testing

Module 3 – Testing through the lifecycle

  • 3.1. Software development models
  • 3.2. Test levels
  • 3.3. Functional and Structural Testing
  • 3.4. Non-functional System Testing
  • 3.5. Re-Testing and Regression Testing
  • 3.6. Maintenance Testing
  • 3.7. Test environment requirements

Module 4 – Static Techniques

  • 4.1. Reviews and the Test Process
  • 4.2. Phases of a Formal Review
  • 4.3. Static analysis using tools

Module 5 – Test Design Techniques

  • 5.1. Identifying test conditions and designing test cases
  • 5.2. Categories of test design techniques
  • 5.3. Equivalence Partitioning
  • 5.4. Boundary Value Analysis
  • 5.5. Decision Table Testing
  • 5.6. State Transition Testing
  • 5.7. Use case Testing
  • 5.8. Path Testing
  • 5.9. Statement Testing

Module 6 – Test Management

  • 6.1. Test Organisation
  • 6.2. Test management documentation
  • 6.3. Test Approaches
  • 6.4. Entry and exit criteria
  • 6.5. Test Estimation
  • 6.6. Test progress monitoring and control
  • 6.7. Configuration Management
  • 6.8. Risk and Testing
  • 6.9. Incident Management

Module 7 – Tool Support for Testing

  • 7.1. Types of test tool
  • 7.2. Effective use of tools: potential benefits and risks
  • 7.3. Introducing a tool into an organisation

Module 8 – Exam Simulator

Target Audience

The topics covered in this qualification are those which are considered by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, to be essential knowledge for a practising test professional, regardless of their specialism, for instance: Test Analysts, Test Team Leaders and Test Managers. Candidates must already hold the BCS Foundation Certificate in Software Testing.


  • An exam simulator which results in exceptional pass rates
  • Increased retention of learning
  • Less time taken to learn
  • Increased control and visibility of progress and achievement
  • Reduced travel costs


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