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Our online Sales Training Library provides selling skills training and professional development. Sales professionals know the precise combination of skills that lead straight to high-impact sales, and they know how to use them! They are able to understand their clients and prospects, and they build relationships that last. This library will prepare sales people to become professionals and provide a structure to assure maximized sales and profitability performances.

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Course Content

ST01 An Overview of Personal Selling

Buyers in today’s business environment are under pressure to find effective and efficient solutions to their business problems.  These problems and solutions are often solved when buyers collaborate with sales professionals who are committed to understanding what buyer’s need and then work to find solutions to these needs.  This course discusses how salespeople can apply a customer-oriented sales approach to understand their customer’s business strategy to sell buyers what they really need to succeed.

ST02 Sales Ethics and Trust

Successful salespeople see relationship selling as a way to build long-term success for themselves and their companies.  They understand that the foundation of a long-term, healthy seller-buyer relationship needs to be built on trust in order for it to work.  Unfortunately, many buyers have dealt with unethical salespeople in the past, which makes it difficult for them to trust all salespeople.  This course discusses the role that sales ethics and trust building plays in creating and maintaining a healthy seller-buyer relationship.

ST03 Communication Skills for Selling

Relationship selling is, at its core, a communications process.  This course discusses some basic communication concepts, then moves on to show salespeople how to effectively communicate with and ask questions of the buyers they interact with.  Learning to be an effective communication and question-asker will help salespeople become much more proficient at selling.

ST04 Understanding the Buyer

Better understanding the buying process is an important part of developing buyer relationships.  This course discusses the difference between consumer buyers and business buyers.  It also discusses the detailed steps of a buyer’s purchasing decision, as well as the communication skills salespeople need to develop.

ST05 Sales Presentations: Creating and Communicating Value

Potential buyers that make purchasing decisions in the business-to-business sales environment are busy people, so salespeople need to be well-prepared for the sales presentation lest they risk insulting the buyer by wasting their time.  This course discusses how salespeople should prepare for sales presentations, along with several tactics to use during the sales dialogue.

ST06 Addressing Objections & Closing the Sale

It is a salesperson’s primary job to advance the buyer-seller relationship towards a profitable sale.  Negotiating the sales dialogue alone will not accomplish this, the salesperson also needs to gain the buyer’s purchase commitment.  This course discusses how to overcome any sales resistance from a potential buyer’s in order to close the sale.

ST07 Sales Management

For a company to be an effective sales organization, they need to have more than an effective team of salespeople; they also must have an effective sales management process and professional sales managers.  This course will discuss the sales management function in the organization, the sales manager job duties, and how the sales manager helps salespeople succeed.

ST08 Expanding Customer Relations

No business survives long without customers, so attracting and retaining customers over time is very important.  Salespeople that take the time to understand their buyers and use this information to exceed their expectations are more likely to deliver exceptional service that leads to long-term relationships.  This course discusses strategies and tactics that salespeople can use to retain customers long-term after making the initial sale.


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