Religion and Belief – Respecting and accommodating faith and belief in the workplace


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Respecting and accommodating faith and belief in the workplace.

What do you do when one of your staff members regularly washes his feet at work before praying and this makes his colleagues feel uncomfortable? How do you help them all handle the situation?

The UK has a greater religious diversity than any other country in the European Union, but this is a strength, not a problem. This training package helps organisations with the challenge of enabling people of different beliefs to work together in harmony. Developed in partnership with FaithWise, this practical but sensitive course provides guidance on best practice in the workplace and emphasises the value of an inclusive workplace

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This course covers a comprehensive range of religion and belief topics. It is aimed at employees of all levels, including foundation level employees, HR managers, diversity specialists, trainers and advisers, senior managers/executives and operational managers/executives.

How this course will benefit your organisation

This course doesn’t just consider organisations’ and individuals’ responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 – it looks beyond compliance. The course content and structure will ensure that your staff gain the knowledge and skills necessary to accommodate religious beliefs in the workplace and to work successfully as part of a diverse team.


Religion and Belief: Respecting and accommodating faith and belief in the workplace’ will enable your staff to have a better understanding of:

  • Employers’ and employees’ obligations under the Equality Act 2010.
  • The variety of religions and beliefs.
  • Religious beliefs in the workplace as being a key aspect of equal opportunities and diversity strategies.
  • Certain behaviours which might be unlawful and also damaging to general well-being in the workplace.
  • Employees who do not have religious beliefs, and the right to be respected and treated no less favourably than their religious colleagues.
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully as part of a diverse team.

Course Structure

Videos Include:

  • Part 1
    Introducing different religions and beliefs
  • Part 2
    Accommodating religion and belief in the workplace
  • Part 3
    A series of three dramatised scenarious to trigger discussion and reflection

The online course also includes interactive exercises and an assessment quiz.


“I was impressed by the balanced approach, which features commentary from leading figures such as Caroline Walters of BT, who is also Chairperson of the Employers’ Forum on Belief, and Nicola Dandridge, Head of Equality at Thompsons Solicitors… this package could be put to good use in an equal opportunity and diversity programme.”

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