Recruitment and Selection for Managers


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Making sure you get the right people on your team is crucial to your management success. This short online course in our secure members area walks new managers, supervisors and team leaders through the recruitment process.

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Getting the right people on your team is a tricky job. You need to make sure that you tick all the legal boxes as well as getting the right person to do the job. Get the right person in to your team and they will fit right in to your team, provide a breath of fresh air and give everyone a boost. Get the wrong person and you will rue the day you ever met them. They will suck time and effort from those around them like a vacuum cleaner.

It’s a tricky balancing act.

The interview process is considered by many experts as the most inefficient way of recruiting new staff but many managers are asked to do it as part of their normal job.

This online course walks new managers and supervisors without Human Resources or Personnel training through the entire recruitment process.

Starting with how and why a vacancy comes about right through the interview process to offering someone a job.

This is self paced and online. This means that you can login and stop and start as often as you like. YOU are in control. The training includes the following modules.

  • Why do we need recruitment anyway? 1 Minute 47 seconds
  • Advertising a vacancy 1 minute 55 seconds
  • Shortlisting a vacancy 2 minutes 25 seconds
  • Structuring an interview 2 minutes 54 seconds
  • Asking good questions 1 minute 52 seconds
  • Questions to avoid 2 minutes 2 seconds
  • Other selection methods 2 minutes 53 seconds
  • Making an offer 1 minute 23 seconds

Who is this course for ?

This title, from our rookie manager series is for new managers, supervisors and team leaders and those managers required to help out or lead a recruitment exercise.

Who wrote this course?

All the rookie manager titles are written and narrated by Jonathan Senior, Chief Executive of the Sharp End Training organisation.
Jonathan is a Chartered Manager (The “gold standard” of management in the UK). He has self published 2 books on management “Confessions of an Interim Manager (2009) and “The only management book you will ever need” (2011). He has been blogging and writing about management online since 2006.

When you have completed this course:

You will know

  • What triggers the recruitment process
  • How to write an effective job advert
  • How to shortlist properly
  • The types of questions to ask and avoid

You will understand

  • The pros and cons of alternatives to traditional interviews
  • How to ask for a specific skill set and measure candidates against this.
  • How the job description and person specification fit together

You will be able to

  • Explain what to send out to the successful candidates
  • Make sure you are not disturbed on the day of the interview
  • Schedule the right number of candidates to interview to make the best use of time

How is this training delivered?

Within 24 hours of making your purchase we will be in touch with your access details, you will then get INSTANT access to your training in the online members area PLUS a CD containing the training will be dispatched by our fulfillment team direct to your door.

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