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Purpose Driven Time Management


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In this course you’ll find out what is meant by Time Management. You’ll learn that with a clear purpose, you can make better use of your time and this will drive you to become more effective, efficient and productive.

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According to the Economist “Time poverty is a problem partly of perception and partly of distribution and the problem is less how much time people have than how they see it. Ever since a clock was first used to synchronise labour in the 18th century, time has been understood in relation to money”.

Why then is time the one thing we crave so much yet waste so freely?

It’s likely you have tried many times in the past to manage to your time more effectively and have perhaps read books or attended courses on how to do this better. If you have, you may have implemented some of the techniques and the learning, some you may have kept up with and others you stopped relatively quickly. This may because you didn’t have the time to implement the time saving techniques, Or, because they didn’t suit your way of working.

We may have just what you are looking for and it’s called Purpose Driven Time Management.

Purpose Driven Time Management consists of 7 core elements, that when in place “not enough hours in the day” will no longer form part of your vocabulary.

Purpose Driven Time Management is about finding your purpose, looking at the bigger picture, making the most of what and who you have around you and having the ability to say no so that YOU are in control of your life and managing it more effectively.

The course will take you approximately 90 minutes to complete.


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