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Powerful Presentations


£29.99 excluding VAT

Price is per online user of this course. EU appropriate VAT added.

A series of fourteen short videos that instruct the learner on the essentials for the design and delivery of outstanding presentations.

The videos give examples of good practice and are supported by exercises related to the key skills of efficient preparation and control of pace.

The course is suitable for all, with or without experience of speaking to groups.

See below for further information.

Sold By: 3e Training Ltd



All, with or without, experience of presenting. The skills shown and encouraged are essential for all communication events.


To give learners a thorough, practical understanding of the best ways to design and delivery presentations.


On completion of the course, the learner will:

  • Have a process that enables them to prepare quickly and comprehensively for future presentations
  • Be aware of the essential elements of their behaviour that are necessary for outstanding presentations including:
    • The need to control pace
    • The importance of the pause
    • Making the most of presence
    • The value of eye contact
    • Controlling PowerPoint
  • Have methods for dealing with questions
  • Understand the need to introduce personal and innovative elements into their content.


2 – 4 Hours


An integrated digital learning course consisting of fourteen short videos, with examples of good practice and exercises. It can be delivered online through the Elearning Marketplace Online Training Centre or can be licensed to run on your own learning management system.



A course overview that introduces the learner to the course contents and the style of the videos.


This video describes the unique 3e Preparation Plan. This ten point plan will give the learner the reassurance that they have done all that is necessary in preparation for their powerful presentation.

The learner can see examples of prepared plans for persuasive, and, informative, presentations There follows an invitation to complete an exercise based upon their preparation for a presentation at an interview. This module also introduces the learner to the value of concise and neat prompt cards.


An essential part of a powerful presentation is an impressive beginning. In this video the learner will find the essential requirements for a good start with an example to emulate.


Every presentation needs to be summarised. This video explains what a summary should contain and how it should be delivered.

5. BEHAVIOUR – Powerful Pace

A “normal” conversational voice is unlikely to be suitable for a presentation. This video demonstrates what is required to allow an audience to follow and understand the verbal content. An associated exercise gives the learner the chance to assess and change their presentation pace.

6. BEHAVIOUR – Power Pauses

A short pause can seem like a lifetime in front of an audience. This video encourages the learner to embrace long pauses and appreciate their considerable benefits.

7. BEHAVIOUR – Power Language

This video encourages the learner to be concise. It proposes simple language and the avoidance of too many details. Being submissive, over polite and apologetic are tendencies to be avoided by the powerful speaker.

8. BEHAVIOUR – Beware “Fillers”

“Basically, in reality, erm, actually, well, you know, like and kind of…” are just a few of the many useless “filler” that infect our language. The associated video points out when and why they occur. Work to eliminate them from your vocabulary so that they do not distract the audience from the presentation content and objective.

9. BEHAVIOUR – Eye Power

During presentations it is essential to give each audience member eye contact. This video explains how and why this is necessary and for how long you should try to look at each person.

10. BEHAVIOUR – Power Positions

The speaker has a responsibility to control every aspect of their presentation. Too often speakers stand in an inappropriate place that serves to confuse the audience. In this video the learner will be shown the two places that must be used during their future presentation.

11. BEHAVIOUR – Power Presence

The speaker is the undisputed number one visual aid. Sadly too often this powerful status is ignored or deliberately discarded. The video explains that it is unwise to be a slave to PowerPoint and that there are various alternatives that can be used to enhance most presentations.

12. BEHAVIOUR – PowerPoint

PowerPoint has many benefits for the presenter and audience when used properly. Unfortunately, too often it is used incorrectly as a preparation tool and the audience suffers the dreaded slow “death by PowerPoint”. In this video the learner will see how this media should and should not be used.

13. QUESTIONS – Powerful Responses

There is usually no shame in saying that you don’t know the answer to a question. Sometimes the answer may be closer than you think when you are under pressure. In this video you will hear of ways that will give you time to think before dealing with tricky questions.


A video summarising the key concepts associated with powerful presenting.


  • An exercise related to comprehensive and efficient preparation
  • Examples of good preparation plans and prompts
  • An exercise to develop voice control
  • How to develop your Action Plan


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