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Online Mindfulness Course


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Mindfulness training and Mindfulness training exercises, are a set of techniques and methods, that can be used in order to develop a greater sense of self awareness.

The present moment is how we live our lives, it’s living here, and it’s living now. In order to keep our awareness of the present, we must have an understanding of ourself. We must be self aware. In short, Mindfulness training, is simply, training to be mindful.

Mindfulness training frees us from distractions of the past, as well as freeing us from distractions, concerning the future.

This Mindfulness training course will enable you to experience and enjoy, how it feels to live in the present moment. You will learn how to live with a clarity of mind, that is free from all distractions.

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This a a truly unique online mindfulness course. Included in the course, are a number of different meditation techniques, such as, ‘Body Scan’ and ‘Sitting Meditation’. You’ll also find many Mindfulness training exercises, all designed in helping you realise, an awareness of the present. In fact, this Mindfulness training course has everything you need to strengthen and retrain your mind for a healthier, happier life.

Mindfulness training enables both concentrative attention, along with a broader, (open space), style awareness. Regular Mindfulness training will also help increase a person’s ability to focus. With practise, you will be able to be with whatever thoughts, may come into your awareness, without judgement.

This Mindfulness training course contains exercises created to help students, keep their awareness of the present. It is all too easy to fall into an unconscious state, but with Mindfulness training, you will learn specific techniques, designed to quickly bring you back to a state of conscious awareness.


SECTION 1. – Introduction to Mindfulness Training
Course Introduction

Covering all the basics on Mindfulness therapy, as well as how this Mindfulness course will change your life.

1. What Is Mindfulness?
2. Using Your Breathing Meditation Diary
3. Mindfulness Breathing Meditation Audio
4. Your Breathing Meditation Diary
5. Using Your Training In Mindfulness Meditation Diary
6. Training In Mindfulness Meditation Audio
7. Your Training In Mindfulness Meditation Diary

SECTION 2. – The Body Scan Meditation

Mindfulness training includes a number of meditations. You will learn how to bring Mindfulness awareness to your experience of the body scan meditation. We’ll also demonstrate how you can introduce mindfulness training into your daily routine, and start to get maximum benefits, right away.

1. Introduction To The Body Scan
2. Using Your Body Scan Meditation Diary
3. Body Scan Meditation Audio
4. Your Body Scan Meditation Diary
5. Using Your Simple Awareness Diary
6. Example Of Simple Awareness Diary
7. Your Simple Awareness Diary

SECTION 3. – Sitting Meditation

With this method, we will be concentrating on our breathing as the key object for awareness and bringing that awareness to your experience of the sitting meditation. You will also learn to use the RAIN diary, with examples of how to record details in your RAIN diary.

1. Introduction To Sitting Meditation Diary
2. Using Your Sitting Meditation Diary
3. Mindfulness Sitting Meditation – Audio
4. Mindfulness Sitting Meditation – Diary
5. Using Your RAIN Diary
6. Example Of RAIN Diary
7. Your Mindfulness RAIN Diary

SECTION 4. – Mindfulness Training Exercises

In this section we have lots of different Mindfulness exercises for you to try. Some are concerned with Mindfulness therapy and some are designed to develop your awareness, helping you to be in, and with, the present moment. Mindful training will bring about an awareness of pleasant, simple everyday experiences, and how we process them. Things such as being smiled at, feeling the warmth of the sun on our body, or the smell of something lovely.There are lots of tips, techniques and methods that you can employ, in order to:

  • Strengthen your self awareness
  • Strengthen your ability to focus your attention on the present
  • Bring you out of a state of unconsciousness and back to a mindful state

1. Introduction To Mindfulness Training Exercises
2. One Minute Mindfulness Exercise
3. Ten Second Count Exercise
4. Mindfulness Trigger Exercise
5. Conscious Observation Exercise
6. Using Your Pleasant Events Diary
7. Example Of Pleasant Events Diary
8. Your Pleasant Events Diary

SECTION 5. – Practising Silent Meditation and STOP

Mindfulness training will bring you unlimited benefits, as long as you’re prepared to practise. Remember, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.
These Mindfulness training methods have been carefully created so that you can integrate them into your life, naturally and with ease.
This course offers a number of downloadable resources (including practise logs, Mindfulness training exercises and audio mp3’s), in fact, everything you could ever need to master the discipline of Mindfulness.
1. Introduction To Silent Meditations
2. Using Your Silent Meditation Diaries
3. 15 Minutes Silent Meditation Audio
4. Your 15 Minutes Silent Meditation Diary
5. 30 Minutes Silent Meditation Audio
6. Your 30 Minutes Silent Meditation Diary
7. Using Your STOP Diary
8. Example Of STOP Diary
9. Your Stop Diary

SECTION 6. – Mindfulness Training for Emotional and Physical Pain

In this section we have a look at how, with Mindfulness training, we can react differently to emotional and physical pain.
1. Part 1 Mindfulness – The Treatment Of Physical Pain
2. Part 2 Mindfulness – The Treatment Of Emotional Pain
3. Using Your Communication Diary
4. Example Of Communication Diary
5. Your Communication Diary
SECTION 7. – Learning Conclusion
1. Well Done
2. Mindfulness Learning Conclusion


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