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Nourishing Routes Compassioneer Academy


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Compassioneer Academy for Self Love, Body Positivity & Eating Disorder Recovery

Learn to Love Food, Adore Your Body, Become Your Authentic Self

The Nourishing Routes Compassioneer Academy is a unique, empowering and cost-effective solution to the astronomical impacts associated with disordered eating, chronic dieting and poor body image.

The Academy was founded on Marissa Pendlebury’s untameable passion and motivation to help others, following her own 10 years battle with (and fully recovering from) anorexia, body anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia.  Despite having expertise in positive psychology, public health and nutrition, she believes that her main expertise to help you stems from her own personal experiences, authentic compassion and understanding of how to live a more empowered life. She truly believes that recovery from poor mental health, including eating disorders is fully possible, no matter how long you may have suffered, what you weigh or how little hope you currently have.

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Course Overview

A key aim of the Compassioneer Academy is for you to be able to Love Yourself from the Inside Out, while breaking free from any form of disordered eating and finding full freedom with your mind, body and heart.

You will be able to understand that there are oh so many Nourishing Routes to take when it comes to experiencing authentic happiness, and that you will soon have all the tools to make this your own reality .

The Nourishing Routes Compassioneer Academy is definitely NOT a faddy diet plan, fitness regime, or any other programme devised to make a profit out of your insecurities and low self-esteem…

Alternatively, this Academy is completely unique, as it turns the modern view of health and happiness completely on its head by showing you EXACTLY HOW to explore the many diverse factors that contribute to our overall well-being and longevity.

You may be happy to know that this does not involve dieting, obsessive Calorie counting, food logging, losing weight or rigid exercise regimes !!!

Apart from all the amazing and very valuable content within this course that is personally delivered to you over 8 weeks with unlimited access in multimedia formats that include many videos, audio, pdfs and practical fun activities, you will be able to access ongoing support from by joining the Compassioneer Academy Tribe.

OVER 12 Hours of Life Changing Content:

  • 48 Videos – 4 hours
  • 23 Audio Presentations – 3 hours, 40 minutes
  • 40 Activities and Key Points
  • 100 page Compassioneer Roadmap

Course Content

Week 1 

Compassion and Self Compassion

Week 2 

Living Compassionately and Becoming a Compassioneer

Week 3

A Compassionate Relationship with Food

Week 4 

Overcoming Food Fear and Embracing Compassion-Eating

Week 5

Weighty Issues and Body Positivity

Week 6 

Adoring Your Body and Becoming Your Authentic Self

Week 7

Ending the War on Yourself

Week 8

Creating Loving Environments and Relationships, and Creating Your Own Tribe of Compassio


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