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Manual Handling in the Workplace

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More than 12 million working days are reported as lost in the UK associated with back related injuries each year.  A further 8,000 people are seriously injured or killed each year as a result of a fall from height.

This course is designed to teach safe working practice and to provide an understanding of the importance of maintaining health and safety standards within the workplace

The course is highly interactive and engages the learner in the subject. The learner can progress through the course at their own pace. There are no entry requirements for this course.

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Course Overview

This online course addresses the two most common sources of injury or accident in the workplace; namely manual handling and the use of ladders.

The course is aimed at the following personnel:

  • Managers.
  • Policy developers.
  • All employees not working on an industrial shop floor.

The course can be accessed using any device; (PC, Tablet or Mac), via any browser.  All of the content complies with subject related standards and has an associated online knowledge assessment the successful completion of which results in a Certificate of Achievement that is certified by TQA .  Certificates can be printed and saved.

Key Topics
  • The manual handling risk assessment process.
  • One person and two person safe lifting techniques.
  • Lifting from a bench.
  • The maximum weights to be lifted by women and men.
  • Safe carrying techniques.
  • Safe pulling and pushing techniques.
  • The potential hazards and risks that might cause a fall.
  • The precautions to be taken when reaching for items stored at height.
  • Use of appropriate equipment.

This course is certified by TQA Ltd.  TQA is an independent training quality assurance company that assesses the quality of content and its compliance to the standard that governs the topic.  TQA requires that ever learner completes an assessment to confirm that the learner’s knowledge of the subject meets the criteria for competence.


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