Manual Handling in the Workplace DVD


Training your staff in safer manual handling has never been so easy with the 2011 launch of ‘Manual handling in the workplace’ training DVD (UK Edition). This 15 minute DVD helps support the delivery of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training to staff members who frequently perform manual handling activities.

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Developed in 2011, your staff will receive up-to-date, valuable training on the:

  • Background to manual handling
  • UK legislation
  • Body & manual handling
  • TILE approach for assessing manual handling tasks
  • Principles of manual handling
  • Techniques for safer manual handling
  • Role staff play in safer manual handling

Demonstrates best practice techniques.

By demonstrating the practical application of best practice techniques for lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling, this DVD provides an easy transfer of skills to your staff.

Supports in-house expertise in delivering OHS training.

The DVD is designed to facilitate both tutor-led group training sessions and individualised self-paced learning; is easy to follow; and suitable for staff at all levels.

Suitable for factory, office and retail settings.

Staff will observe the techniques carried out in environments similar to their own.

Developed in conjunction with the ISCP.

You can be confident of the quality of the learning materials which have been reviewed and endorsed by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP).

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