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Magic Meetings! eBook


Price is per download of this e-book, excluding 20% VAT

The Magic Meetings! e-book develops skills in preparing for, chairing and controlling a meeting.

The ebook is supplied in a choice of formats:

PDF version: This is intended for single person use. Purchasers may use the ebook for their own use however they may not email the ebook to others or print for the use of others. £6 + vat

Microsoft Word version: for multiple copying rights and permission to amend materials/host on a shared drive or intranet. Great for the organisation that wants to offer cost effective training to a number of staff. £100 + vat

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Sold By: ABC Training Solutions


Most meetings occur too often, last too long and achieve too little! People can spend between 25% and 50% of their working week attending, or preparing for, meetings. Up to a third of that time is wasted. Consider all this time in terms of the cost to your organisation -participant salaries, loss of productivity and negative feelings. So if meetings need to run, it’s important that they are as effective as possible.

The 43 page e-book concentrates on developing the skills of preparing and running effective meetings including the interpersonal skills required to control challenging attendees. It has been written as a dynamic tool to stimulate thoughts, ideas and interactivity.

It encourages the reader to:

  • Make notes in key chapters
  • Complete exercises
  • Use diagnostic tools to reflect on own skill sets
  • Discuss key meetings issues with managers and colleagues
  • Record key development points to work on as a result of what has been learnt

The e-book covers:

  • Understand the types of meetings which can be held
  • Know the reasons why a meeting can be the best communication tool and appreciate when meetings should be avoided
  • Appreciate the ‘success factors’ of an effective meeting
  • Prepare effectively to lead a meeting
  • Know the range of physical environment factors which affects the success of a meeting
  • Appreciate the skills of the effective Chairperson
  • Know the main stages of a meeting
  • Understand the process of running a meeting
  • Apply the assertive 3 steps to handle challenging meeting participants

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