Macroeconomics For Professionals, Students and Investors – A Non-Technical Course


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Macroeconomics for Professionals, Students and Investors – A Non-Technical Course
(A Career-Oriented Online Economics Course with Certification).
Course Duration: 180 hours

A Certificate of Completion will be given by Macroeconomics School to those professionals, students and investors across the globe who take up this online economics course and successfully clear a test/exam/assessment within six months of taking up this course. The Certificate of Completion will mention the marks and grades awarded. Those who do not wish to take a test/exam/assessment may also take up this online economics course. However, they will not be given a ‘Certificate of Completion.’

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Course Details

This foundation level online macroeconomics course provides knowledge of key macroeconomic concepts and principles in a digestible manner (logically structured in 10 modules). No knowledge of mathematics or algebra is required to understand this course. Further this course is more practical in orientation, rather than academic and has been written by a professional economist (Sher Mehta).

Who should complete this course?

Anyone with an interest in macroeconomics can complete this course. However, the course is aimed at professionals, students and investors across the globe who are not economists or have little or no background in economics and are associated or involved in any way (either through work, study or investments) with the corporate/ business/industry/banking/financial services or financial market sectors.

After completion of this course, you should be able to start:

  • Comprehending rapid changes in the economic environment and its underlying causes
  • Understanding short run fluctuations in economic activity in an economy (developed and/or developing) and its underlying causes
  • ‘Making sense’ of the current and recent economic performance of an economy (developed and/or developing) and the global economy
  • Comprehending the growing influence of economic factors on business conditions/ environment
  • To better understand what economists, policy makers and experts have to say about key economic issues such as inflation, GDP, interest rates, fiscal deficit, trade and current account deficit, exchange rates etc.

The author of this e-book is a professional economist (Sher Mehta) who has worked predominantly in London, UK, and Mumbai, India and has over 17 years of experience as an economist.

Media Coverage
The Pioneer newspaper (November 2014), Education Insider (November 2014) and Education World (January 2015) magazine.


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