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Leadership Skills


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This is one of a number of courses designed to help realise the full potential of middle and senior managers, by encouraging them to actively think about how the subject matter can be applied to their role.  This concentrates on how to hone your leadership skills.

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Course Overview:

This course contains the following 8 modules on the following:

  • Accentuate the Positive: This module introduces a range of practical tools and exercises that learners can use to recognise and maximise what they are good at and what they enjoy most. It also covers exercises for positive thinking and tips for relaxation.
  • Address Your Time Stealers: This lets the learner explore their own time stealers – unnecessary tasks, or tasks taking up far more time than they are worth. It then explores ways of avoiding common time stealers like the phone, e-mail and visitors.
  • Decide What You Want: This module explores how learners can establish their purpose, direction and values to focus on the meaning in their lives. It also looks at how meaning depends upon perspective.
  • Identify Your Priorities: This explores the action timeline and asks the learner to reflect on where and why they stumble on their own timeline. It asks the learner to reflect on what they want to achieve before prompting them to complete a time log for at least one week.
  • Improve Your Time Effectiveness: This begins with a diagnostic where the learner can assess their own time management skills, then links this to their time log. It explores ways of improving their skills: planning, prioritising and delegating, as well as how to avoid procrastination.
  • Lead By Example: This module is designed to help learners to understand the importance of leading by example. Completing it they will have a better understanding of the example their behaviour is setting their team and will identify areas for personal improvement.
  • Recognising Your Style: This module looks at leadership style. It explains a range of leadership styles and enables learners to be able to identify the best situation in which to use them. The module enables learners to understand more about themselves as a leader and recognise their natural style.
  • Take Responsibility: This module shows learners the importance of being responsible for their own lives, distinguishing between being reactive and proactive. It also explores how learners need to take responsibility for how they present themselves to others and to recognise and play to their own strengths.

Course Duration:

4 Hours

Accentuate the Positive: 30 Minutes Address Your Time Stealers: 30 Minutes Decide What You Want: 30 Minutes Identify Your Priorities: 30 Minutes Improve Your Time Effectiveness: 30 Minutes Lead By Example: 30 Minutes Recognising Your Style: 30 Minutes Take Responsibility: 30 Minutes


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